King Burger!!

Lindsay Mission Llamas March 2014

Llamas! Or some kind of furry animal…

Oh man this week was a lot of fun!

SISTER WEBB CAME TO BRAVA FOR THE WHOLE WEEK! The week went by so fast. We did divisions all week. I did divisions in the other sisters area on Brava and we had to literally hike up a mountain above the clouds to get to the village. It was SO beautiful up there.
Once again I’m currently in Praia. I think I spend more time on a boat than in my own area. I’m here for another leadership conference which is always intense because I feel so under qualified sitting there with all the zone leaders and APs.
Today was a blast. We traveled all morning to get to Praia but once we got here we went to King Burger (no not Burger King, King Burger) and ate some sketchy cabo verdean burgers.
Lindsay Mission Drums March 2014Then we went to Sukupira which is a giant african market. We were checking out some sweet drums when a guy walked up to us and started teaching us african beats. Then we started a 3 man drum line and all these kids came out of no where and started dancing to our music. So fun! The guy got so into it he spit his cigarette out. WIN FOR THE WORD OF WISDOM.
Oh yeah and this morning on the plane I started conversation with the guy next to me who was from Spain. After talking a bit I asked him if he had a religion to which he responded “I don’t believe in God, I believe in science.” I then asked him if he had any questions about life and he said he had a ton. I invited him to ask them and we had a long conversation from topics like God having a physical body to modern day prophets. It was really cool!. He didn’t want missionaries to pass by or anything but funny enough he said he agreed with everything we believed and seemed pretty intrigued with everything.
Preaching the gospel is so awesome. I love you all and hope you have a great week!
Sister Sharp

Back on the Boat

Lindsay Mission March 2 Fogo Stock

Last week flew by from good lessons and a lot of stress. A LOT of stress haha.
I got a call from our zone leaders saying I’m the new sister leader on Brava and that I’m supposed to go to a meeting in Praia for all the zone leaders and sister leaders. ARRRRRRRG.
So I’m currently in Fogo waiting to go to the airport to go to Praia. I took a boat this morning which might have been the worst hour of my life. I don’t normally get motion sickness but the boat was rocking so much I almost barfed. I locked myself in the bathroom for most of it because the seat I was sitting in was surrounded by people throwing up.
Lindsay Mission March 2 Back on the Boat
Mom note: Lindsay wrote a little more about the boat ride in an email to me. She said: “They were all throwing up so casually too! plastic bag in one hand just watching tv and throwing up like it’s no big deal. I have a feeling they spend a lot of time on boats.”
On top of that I have to stay in Fogo for the whole week because there’s a zone meeting Saturday so they didn’t see any point in sending me back to Brava for 2 days. Week of work gone. My poor comp Sister Ellsworth is stuck in Brava for a week doing splits with members everyday.

On the bright side I’m really liking Brava. It’s really stressful but the people are great and it’s beautiful. It’s a lot of work being in such a small area but it’s also really rewarding. We have the opportunity to completely change the branch if we’re willing to work hard. Which we are.

Mom Note: Lindsay wrote to her Dad about responsibility: “I thought I was responsible (before my mission) because I could take care of myself. As it turns out, responsibility as a missionary is being able to take care of yourself, 35 investigators, all your recent converts, and all the less actives in your area. I still have a lot to learn but I’ve already learned a lot.”

One of my favorite investigators is Cubano. ‘Cause he’s from Cuba. He doesn’t speak Portuguese. Just Spanish. So we teach him in Portuguese and he talks to us in Spanish. We understand each other surprisingly well. He’s awesome though. He reads the Book of Mormon like a champion and has been going to church every sunday. Unfortunately he’s going back to Cuba for a month so he can’t get baptized yet. He’s probably one of the nicest people I’ve met in Cabo Verde.

It Wasn’t Me

Sister Ellsworth and I were walking on the road when we saw someone who had recently lied to us drive past. Sister Ellsworth jokingly said “Why did you lie to us!” Right after she said it a random guy crossing a crosswalk gave us a paranoid stare and started saying “No…no!…….NO!” He continued walking but kept looking back at us with a really worried expression saying “No!”

I have no idea what he was up to.

Have a great week!

-Sister Sharp