Zone Conference

Hey everyone!
We had a great week that started with Zone Conference which is always awesome. Everyone always nervously anticipates the scripture game. Basically The AP´s call on you and say something like 4th lesson 8th point and you have to say a scripture for that point. I think theres like 45 of them. Plus the articles of faith… I dont know theres a lot. Memorizing that many scriptures in a different language is harder than you would think… anyway I survived.
Ivan quote of the week”

me “Ivanildo you have been saying youll get baptized for 3 weeks now”
him “Thats a long time”
me “and youre still not baptized”
him “Thank goodness I havent died”
It took everything I had not to laugh.
We are now preparing Fica, who I have been teaching since I was with Sister Willey.

She said she wants to get baptized now. YEAHHHH MIRACLES. We’re also preparing Carlita, who we just started teaching last week.
I currently have cornrows… Im almost African. This is me and my friend Dilma who did my hair.