Brava–Em Inglês

Hey everyone!!!

Lindsay MIssion Feb 2014 Brava Island Map

So I’m finally here in Brava and it’s great!!! I survived the boat here. Thankfully I didn’t get sick. But I did almost get thrown out of my chair ’cause it was rocking so hard.
It’s super green here. and freezing. By freezing I mean in the 60’s and 70’s. I’m still dying though haha.
I’m now companions with Sister Ellsworth who is super nice. She also shares a lot of the nerdy interests I do, like Zelda, Lord of the Rings, and Harry Potter. SCORE.
Lindsay Mission Feb 2014 Brava Comp
So there’s currently a guy fixing our sink in our house  because my first day here I broke our sink. oops.
We have some awesome investigators here even though we only have like 15 which is a weird change cause I’m used to having 40-50. The ones we do have are solid though. I’m really enjoying teaching them.

Hair Cut

I cut my comp’s hair today. Mullet is a strong word.

From Boston

So something about Brava. Half the people here are ex-convicts from America that got deported here. So a lot of them speak english… with a Boston accent. I felt like I was in a weird dream the first couple days here. I also had to teach a lesson in English which was unfortunate. He asked me to say the opening prayer and I was like “uhhh…. Heavenly Father…. Thanks for today… and um… for this time… and help us be… better… e nos-er we uh…” anyway it was really embarrassing.
Love you all!
-Sister Sharp