Lindsay, Full of Grace

This week was surprisingly slow but probably just because of Christmas. 
I got to skype my family!!!!! It was really awesome and I was so glad to see them.
Unfortunately that was pretty much the only highlight of that week. The work was rough. One guy actually said he would never change and that he didn’t want to talk to us. WHAT ARE WE IN EUROPE OR SOMETHING?
Thankfully we did have a baptism. Her name is Da. We could only teach her once a week, at church, cause she lives outside our area but there are no missionaries where she lives. IN THE MOUNTAINS. She’s super quiet and doesn’t show a lot of emotion but she’s sweet.
haha best moment of that week. So Da doesnt really talk and on the day of her baptism she just kind of quietly showed up and didnt say anything. As we were leaving the church to find a truck to go to the ocean for the baptism she was quietly walking behind everyone and someone joked “What? You don’t want to go?” We all gave a little laugh and then turned back to walking to the truck. Then we just see someone BOLT past us towards the truck. We realized it was Da heroically sprinting to the truck and leaped in. We all started dying laughing. She didn’t even say anything. She just had a small smirk on her face. I love people like her hahaha.
On Christmas day we taught a few lessons but spent most of the time baking lots of treats to secretly leave on the door steps of our members. We’re not very good at being sneaking though. Mostly because everyone here hangs out in their doorways and I’m the only blonde person living in this town. At one point I was sure we hadn’t been seen and I quietly crawled toward the door then heard, “Come in, Sister.” FAIL. 
Oh man. Most embarrassing yet hilarious part of this week. My district (us and the two elders) were walking to lunch after our district meeting and we came across a ditch about 2 feet wide. The elders stepped over it like it was nothing and I went to do the same but PEOPLE. I FORGOT I WAS WEARING A TIGHT SKIRT. I got half way through the hop and my skirt said NOPE. I tried to recover the inevitable fall but between the stupid tight skirt and my side bag–that I detest–flailing and wrapping around my panicking arms I was like a mummy falling to my doom! I crashed to the ground but It doesn’t end there. THEN. My sidepack pulls me INTO the ditch as I clawed at the cement like NOOOOOO!. When I popped my head out of the ditch I looked up to see my companion, two elders, and a few tourist staring at me with horrified looks. I was by far the most ungraceful thing I’ve done on the mission. The elders later joked saying “The worst part was that we couldn’t even help you cause were elders. All we could do was be like “Hey, can we send some fruit snacks down there to help!”
Oh the grace of me.
Hope you all have a great week!
-Sister Sharp