Lindsay Nov 2013Don’t you hate it when you get a sea urchin needle stuck in your finger?

So this week was good! A lot of our baptisms fell through but it was still good. We had two investigators baptized, Sister M and Brother H. Sister M is one of those people that when you teach and ask a question she gives you the right answer and then says what you were going to say. We weren’t worried about her. Brother H is just awesome. He’s only 20 years old but is more mature than his age. His testimony grew really fast and he accepted all the commandments like a boss.
The baptisms were awesome! One of my favorite things to do after a baptism is ask the person how they feel. It helps remind you of how you felt the day of your baptism. Sister Willey and I got to overhear a conversation between Brother H and another young member who was a friend of his. They said,
Friend: “How do you feel?”
Brother H: “Light… like new”
Friend: (with a smile) “Yeah, that’s just the beginning.”
GAH I love our members. They’re such good examples to me.
On a random side note while we were standing by the ocean our bishop plucked a sea urchin our of the water and handed it to me. It was so cool! It moved is spikey things in my hand. Then I went to throw it back in the water and one of the spikes got stuck in my finger. It was like a nasty bee sting. It’s still chillin there cause I couldnt get it out hahaha.
Oh haha random funny moment. In ward council we were reviewing our progress record which talks about what help the missionaries need from the ward. Sister Willey had written that one of our investigators needs a “member friend” but the guy misread it and said really loud to the ward council, “She needs an ancient member!” Sister Willey and I were gripping our chairs and biting our tongues trying not to bust out laughing.
So anyway, life is awesome in Cabo Verde. I’m pretty settled into this area now. We had our interviews with our mission president this week which were so amazing. I love our mission president. He’s definitely going to be an apostle some day. You can tell everything he said is inspired. I walked out feeling like a new person.
Hope you all have an amazing week!
-Sister Sharp