The Lost Boys


The best part of this week was BY FAR when we started teaching, wait for it, THE LOST BOYS. I’m not even kidding. We had some references from a member and when we went to go teach them we stood in the street, not sure where to find them–then out of a dark corner some young men came out and introduced themselves. When we asked to sit down and talk to them they agreed and showed us where they lived. Then as we were walking, more and more people just kept coming out of the dark corner. There was us, and 11 young men, and one young girl (she’s our Wendy). When we got to the house it was, I kid you not, a tiny house with MINIATURE chairs. So we sat on the little chairs and they all sat on the ground around us listening to the story of the restoration. Then, if that isn’t awesome enough, the next day we wanted to take the lost boys to a church activity. We went to the same street but only found one of them there. We asked where the rest were, and he did a special whistle. Then from one street down we heard the same whistle. Then from the other streets surrounding us we heard the whistle several times. A few seconds later people started showing up from every direction until they were all surrounding us. And that’s how we took the Lost Boys to a church activity.
This week we’re working with a guy named Ivan who cracks me up. He says snarky things but in a completely sincere way. The other day he brought a friend named… well.. actually I’m not sure how to say his name but I call him Chimichango. Anyway they had the following conversation.
Chimichango: “Hey, can I say something?”
Ivan: “Yeah, of course man.”
Chimichango: “I’d just like to thank you all for this lesson and-“
Ivan: “Ok, ok, save that for the closing prayer.”
hahahaha I don’t know why I found that so funny but I was dying.
Sometimes my mission feels like a long movie.
Hope you all have an amazing week!
-Sister Sharp