Zone Conference

Hey everyone!
We had a great week that started with Zone Conference which is always awesome. Everyone always nervously anticipates the scripture game. Basically The AP´s call on you and say something like 4th lesson 8th point and you have to say a scripture for that point. I think theres like 45 of them. Plus the articles of faith… I dont know theres a lot. Memorizing that many scriptures in a different language is harder than you would think… anyway I survived.
Ivan quote of the week”

me “Ivanildo you have been saying youll get baptized for 3 weeks now”
him “Thats a long time”
me “and youre still not baptized”
him “Thank goodness I havent died”
It took everything I had not to laugh.
We are now preparing Fica, who I have been teaching since I was with Sister Willey.

She said she wants to get baptized now. YEAHHHH MIRACLES. We’re also preparing Carlita, who we just started teaching last week.
I currently have cornrows… Im almost African. This is me and my friend Dilma who did my hair.

One Third Party!

Boa tarde everyone!

This week was another one of those weeks that flew by. There is so much to do in so little time. On the bright side were starting to cut our inventory down so we can focus on certain people now which is good. On the down side, I still can’t get our members to work with us…
It was a good week though!!! One of our investigators named Brother N got baptized so that was cool Oddly enough we weren’t even planning on baptizing him last week. We went to go teach him the first lesson on Thursday and when we got there we realized he already had almost all the lessons because he was always there when we taught his girlfriend. He had been keeping all the commandments, and he had been going to church. After the first lesson he asked to be baptized that Saturday. We were just like… “Well… I don’t see why not…” That baptism literally fell into our hands. This is not to say its usually that easy. We have a few baptisms planned for this Saturday that will hopefully go through.

1/3 Party

On Friday I hit my 6 month mark on the mission. So hard to believe! My companion and I came in from the MTC together which means we both celebrated. I made a cake that said 1/3 on it and we attempted to each eat 1/3 of the cake. It didn’t happen but it was good.
This morning Sister Willey and I went to a salon and painted our toes. The lady doing them painted a Cabo Verde flag on my toes. sweeeeeet. Pedicures here are less than $2. Ill be doing that more often.
So anyway, Theres not too much to report this week. I love you all and pray for you!
-Sister Sharp