Happy Halloween!

Hey everyone!

So I’m currently in Praia for leadership conference which is funny cause… I have to come back here in a week to go home. Do I feel like I’m going home? absolutely not. Time flies.
I’m grateful the work in Sal has been kind of difficult cause its been making me focus and not think about home.
So this week was Halloween. Yay! Sister Ellsworth and I dressed up as each other. We both agreed we should never wear each others clothes again. It was pretty bad. It was fun though. I even wore her glasses all day and we swapped name tags. And I put her hair up in a high ponytail which made her look like the little girl from Despicable Me.
On Saturday we had a talent show which was a blast. We had two investigators that we just started teaching show up on their own and they loved it.That was such an awesome surprise! Sister Ellsworth and did a comedy act. We did that thing where one person is the arms of the other person and they tell a story or something. We made a pizza. or rather a giant pile of flour and tomato paste as I was the arms and had no idea what was going on. I think my favorite performance of the night was by the elders. The put on some epic Lord of the Rings music and walked in one by one with Gandalf bears made of shaving cream. Then they had a banana eating contest. It made absolutely no sense but everyone was dying laughing. Incuding the elder from the dominican republic… I thought he might choke to death on his banana and I was just thinking “Well, I hope Cabo Verdeans know about the Heimlich maneuver cause I’m a sister and can’t help you”
Ok here’s your spiritual lesson for the week. So last Sunday one of our families were teaching didn’t show up to church which was weird cause they’re almost always there. We went to go visit them that night and found the wife crying and drunk. She explained that her husband insisted on them going to a soccer game that day instead of church and it turned out to be a mess. They drank and a group of men beat up the husband resulting in his face and ribs being messed up. We found W (our recent convert and the husbands brother) and asked what was going on. he pretty much confirmed the story but added “Yeah they invited me to go but I was like no way I’m going to church!” and he was in fact the first person I saw in church that day. what a boss. The husband later told us that he saw us go to his house that night but couldn’t face us cause he was too ashamed. He also added that he learned his lesson about keeping the commandments and would keep them from now on.
so yeah. cool story.
Today, being my last pday on the mission, we decided to do something special. First, understand that professional photos here in cabo verde are the funniest things I’ve ever seen. like those really tacky family pictures but worse. so we went and did a photoshoot. We told the guy he could position us in whatever way he wanted and use whatever background he thought would be best as long as it represented our friendship. this was the result.
Lindsay and Sis. Ellsworth fabulous

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