Super Saiyan Week!

WERE OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Man we worked hard this week. We had no investigators at the beginning of the week, no baptismal dates marked, and no dragonballs.
We still have no dragonballs but we taught 15 new investigators, 6 dates marked, and had 5 investigators at church. KAMIHAMIHAAAAAA!
All silliness aside we really did have a great week. It was probably one of the hardest weeks of my mission but most rewarding. We walked SO much. We contacted 69 people in the street and marked with a lot of them. Also I think I’m on to a break through. It seems like the more we pray and follow the spirit, the more success we have. SHOCKER.
One day we were trying to get to an investigators house but couldn’t remember where he lived. He seemed really cool and we had marked with him but after wondering around the streets for a while we were at a loss and really tired. So we decided to say a prayer. In my head I was like “ok I’m going to say a prayer then turn right and keep walking” but after the prayer I felt like we should go left. So we did. Then we got to another intersection and I felt like we should turn right. So we did. We ended up on the main road and I was like “great… that didn’t help. Now what?”. Then I heard Sister Ellsworth go “Wow! Good job!” Our investigator’s house was right there on the main road. We had a great lesson with him and his brother and they both accepted baptismal dates in the first lesson. Once again, Heavenly Father loves his missionaries.
After a long week of hard work out brains were completely fried and we decided we needed to build a fort in our apartment and eat cinnamon rolls in our fort. Definitely well deserved. Have a great week everyone!
-Sister Sharp
Lindsay Mission Oct 2014 Fort
Lindsay Mission Oct 2014 popcorn

One thought on “Super Saiyan Week!

  1. Such a cool week. Your mother nd I had an experience like yours. Seemed like we were lost so we stopped and had prayer. Spirit directed us to turn right and bingo. There was the house. Such a cool thing to know HEavenly Father cares about the smallest things.

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