Blistered Feet and A Phone Call

This morning we went to Santa Maria which was a blast and a half. Perfect beaches, cool african shops, and Irish milkshakes.
I have no idea what happened to this week. Oh wait. Now I remember.
On Tuesday we went to Boa Vista, the island below us, to do a division with the sisters there. It was a blast and a good spiritual experience. I went out with a new missionary, Sister Yeater, and she’s great. we contacted tons of people and had some good lessons.
It was kind of a hard week in our area. Baptisms fell though, investigators avoided us like the black plague, and we walked A LOT. yesterday was really special cause I limped around all day. I gave my shoes to a member at church whose shoes broke so I walked home without shoes on the burning hot cobble stone. Mmm blistered feet. Totally worth it though. She lives really far away and has little kiddos.
Oh man so I got the greatest phone call this week! Okay, so a little background info. I don’t know how many of you remember this but over a year ago when I was in Praia I taught some barber’s in a barber shop. Ya know. the guy the told the vender to leave and was like “hey man… a little respect… we’re hearing the word of God” as he shaved someone’s beard. So anyway, those guys were never baptized cause they never went to church. 2 days ago Sister Barbosa, who is now in Fogo, called and asked me if I remembered a barber named Kevin. I was like “of course!”. Then she told me 2 weeks ago he stopped them in the street and asked “Hey do you know Sister Sharp? She taught me a while back” then they were like OF COURSE and started teaching him. Well just this last weekend he was baptized. R894RJHFSAO9RUWH! WHAT. So cool!!! So lesson learned. Even if you don’t feel like your making a difference by sharing the gospel you never know the effect you have on peoples lives.
Hope you all have a great week!
-Sister Sharp

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