So. Much. Rain.

So if you ask anyone that lives here in Sal what the weather is like they’ll tell you it’s sunny, hot, and NEVER rains. Biggest joke of my life. Yesterday from morning until night it poured all day long. And guess who doesn’t have an umbrella. Yeah. This one.

So i trudged through the rain all day without an umbrella. All I had was a pano. Which is… like… a yard of fabric that people use for everything. But not umbrellas as it turns out cause everyone was looking at me like I was a crazy person. Soaking wet with a Cabo Verde flag on my head singing/yelling “There is Sunshine in my Soul Today”. I think we had like 8 members at church yesterday. One being Walter who we forced to come so that he could recieve the Holy Ghost.

Which reminds me. Walter was baptized! We worked with him every day this week to help him prepare and it actually went really smoothly. The day of his baptism was awesome. Haha. He fell into the baptismal font and baptized me and some other people with a huge wave of water. I commented to our ward mission leader quietly, “Why is the water salty?” And he responded, “Because it’s full of people’s old salty sins.” HAHA.

So other than that it was a pretty normal week. We were blessed for being troopers and going out in the rain cause a random guy named Kid walked up to us asking about our church. Apprently he’s looking for a religion and is new in the area. The Lord loves his missionaries.

haha random story. Last night we went to a members house to visit them and when they answered the door we were surprised to find they were all standing there in the entry way. They invited us in and we stood in the entry way making small talk. After a few minutes it got kind of silent and I was wondering if they were going to invite us inside so we could talk to them. Then the dad commented, “Uh… we don’t have chairs. We’ve just been standing all day.” HAHAHAHA! First time I couldn’t teach someone cause they didn’t have chairs.

Lindsay Mission September 2014 Sister Pina

Have a great week everyone!

-Sister Sharp

PS in the photo the order is me, Sister De Pina, Walter, and Jailson (member that baptized him)