Who taught you?!


So this week went by fast like all the others. We’re working with really awesome investigator, Walter, right now. His parents were the first members on the island of Sao Vicent but are now inactive. So we want to help them, too. Walter is really prepared and actually wants to know the truth. He was totally blown away when we taught the plan of salvation. So was the member we taught with…

Walter: Wow I’m so amazed!!! I’ve never seen or heard of this before!

Member: Yeah me either!!!

Us: what the… who taught you?!


Anyway, this next week is going to be pretty crazy. I’ve got leadership counsel tomorrow in Praia with a member of the 70, a zone training, with the same 70, and then there’s like this all day beach activity on Saturday that we’re going to help with. Party week.


oh yeah! random cool story. As we were walking to an appointment we passed a guy and I felt like we should contact him so I was like “Boa tarde!” and he said nothing back. I was like, “Well then…” but I still walked up and started talking to him. Then he gestured that he was actually deaf. So Sister De Pina pulled out a pamphlet to see if he recognized the church and he got super excited! He started pointing in the direction of the church and we were like yeah! So we invited him to go to church. way cool!

anyway I hope you all have a great week! love you all!

-Sister Sharp


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