The Vineyard

Well we have officially entered transfer 11. Transfer calls were yesterday.. er… they were for everyone else. Somehow our house managed to stay the same. This is now Sister De Pina’s 5th transfer here. She will be in one area for almost 8 months. How she does it I don’t know.

Anyway, this week was good. Zinha was baptized and I just love her. All throughout the week when she said prayers she would say the most sincere prayers asking to be able to be baptized. Also… she’s ahead of me in the Book of Mormon and I started before her. Embarrassing on my part and impressive on hers.
Sister Zimbleman was with us for most of the week because her companion was still in Sao Vicente, so we were a trio for a while. It was a blast. There was one night were it was pretty dark and I saw something one the ground and I was like “Awwww look guys! is that a puppy or a kitten!?” I went up to pet it but it was a tin can. Awkward moment.
Reminds me of that one spongebob episode when old man jenkins runs into a pole and goes “Oh, sorry young lady! ….what a fox.” Hahaha!
Wednesday we had zone conference which was good and unusually short. I think the Mathews just wanted to get out of there cause the air conditioning was broken. The next day my thumb muscle was sore from fanning myself. 
I read Jacob 5 this week. you know, that SUPER long chapter about the vineyard and how the lord of the vineyard constantly has to chop down branches and burn them cause the trees keep going bad. Poor guy. Anyway. A couple day after reading that chapter one of my tomato plants went bad! it turned black and all the soil around it turned black. WHAT THE. I was like NOOOOO LET US GO DOWN TO THE VINYARD AND PLUCK THE WILD TOMATO PLANTS AND WE WILL CAST THEM INTO THE FIRE THAT THEY MUST BE BURNED! So yeah, I’m going to have to replant my tomatoes before they all die. 
Anyways, that’s what’s up this week.
-Sister Sharp

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