Just Gotta Ask

Hey Gente!

Soooo highlights of this week…


Wednesday we saw How to Train Your Dragon which is still an amazing movie. it lacks some charm in Portuguese cause it doesn’t have the scottish accent but I’ll take what I can get.

I’m proud to announce I finally bought sunscreen after 14 months of saying I would. It finally became necessary. The sun here is cray cray. The other day a sister was like “sister sharp… you’re getting really dark… and kind of orange.” So I guess that was a hint. Here is a chart to map out the progression of my tan on the mission:

Lindsay Mission - Tan Progression - July 2014

So I’m doing personal progress, you know, the Young Women’s program– ’cause I never finished it before. One of the projects I have to do is to start a garden. I’m sure youre all familiar with the whole “faith is like a seed! plant a garden and watch your faith grow!” project so I was like well… ok…I mean I live on the 4th floor with no sun but hey why not. So I bought some tomato seeds and went outside to fill up a shoe box with dirt. Then I realized I live on an island. And islands don’t have dirt. Just sand. So… i filled up my shoe box with sand and planted the tomato seeds in it. So far… I haven’t had success with my garden. Then I realized this project is only good if the garden actually grows. If it doesn’t you find yourself in the mirror saying “I have no faith… WHO AM I!?!?!” Poor Beehives. I’ll keep you all updated on my garden.
Anyway, as for the work. It’s going. We had a cool experience on Thursday while I was on divisions. We taught a woman who has been taught for a long time but never had an answer about anything. We encouraged her to read the Book of Mormon and pray about it. When we came back we asked her how her prayers were going. She told us that she thought she received an answer because when she prayed she felt “something weird inside”. We asked her if it was a good feeling and she said yes. Then we read some scriptures about the spirit and bam. She knew she had received an answer.
Interesting how even if a person doesn’t know anything about the gospel they can receive the same kind of answer as someone who knows everything. Just gotta ask!
Have a great week everyone!
-Sister Sharp

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