Dolphin Calls and Cockroach Wings

Hey guys!

This week we good and full of random things.


Sister Spolador, a Brazilian sister, was here for the week ’cause she was waiting to go to her island that she was transferred to. Have I mentioned that I love Brazilians? Seriously some of the funniest people I’ve ever met. So it was an entertaining week. Having her here was actually really convenient cause Sister Garcia went to a different island to get some dental work done on Sao Vicent. Yeah, a dentist in Cabo Verde. Pretty much makes you make the same face as when you see a toddler with a butcher knife.


Anyway, random moments from this week:

I dared my comp to pick up a cockroach which… she did… then threw it on me…Sister Spolador quickly tried to flick it off me but just flicked it into my face. We were laughing so hard. Then I looked down to see one of its wings was pasted to my sweaty arm. Now that’s just not right…

We no longer need to debate if Heavenly Father has a sense of humor. Yes. Yes he does. Want to know why? We didn’t have water in our house all week. HAVE I NOT SUFFERED ENOUGH?? Needless to say I can now survive in any conditions.

I’m ward choristor. which means every week I give 1 or 2 solos in front of everyone cause they don’t know many hymns. This week was especially entertaining cause I was giving one of my embarrassing solos but I started the hymn off way too high. So it wasn’t really singing but more of me practicing my dolphin call in front of the whole branch. Then I lost my place half way through and halfheartedly waved my hand around while mumbling with a confused face as if the song was still going… so that was nice.

As for the good news, we have awesome new investigators. Zinha is such a boss.  We’ve been teaching her for a few weeks now and she’s preparing to be baptized this week. She’s only been reading the Book of Mormon for 2 weeks and she’s already in Jacob. Such a boss.


It’s interesting to see the difference between investigators that read and that don’t. If they read, they’ll have a testimony and want to be baptized. Investigators that never read never really gain the testimony they need.


Hope you all have a great week!

-Sister Sharp


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