Hey everyone!

It was a great week here in Sal. You all wrote me about some new illness that’s spreading but Ill be honest… I haven’t heard anything about it. I also don’t watch the news so who knows. I guess it could be here.

Mom Note: She was talking about the Ebola outbreak, which we asked her about. Apparently not a threat on her islands. LOL. “Some illness” indeed.
Anyway. Tuesday we had leadership counsel and it was AWESOME. I just love the Mathews. Sister Mathews gave a stellar training on the gospel of Christ and how to teach it. I seriously think she’s given some of the best trainings/talks Ive ever heard. She talked specifically about repentance and what it means to repent. She said that repentance isn’t the reason we are cleaned from sin. It is just our access to using the atonement. You can’t pray sin away. She also used some great quotes by Elder Christofferson. One saying something like “when we repent we do not just abandon sin; we abandon the way of life we had and replace it with a Godly way of life.” So awesome and so true!

haha you guys remember my sand garden? So Sunday I did a fast to have more faith which was awesome and I definitely felt more uplifted afterwards. As I broke my fast I thought to myself “Now if I could just get my tomatoes to grow. Then I left to Praia for my conference. And ya know what. when I came back IT WAS A FULL BLOWN GARDEN. My sandbox was literally filled with plants. So there you have it. Our God really is a God of miracles. If you’re ever wondering if He cares about the little things you can remember He even cares about Sister Sharp’s sand tomatoes.


Hahaha! Oh man, here’s a story for you. So Thursday night we were walking home at like 9ish and as we were approaching our house there was someone walking behind us calling out in what sounded like a woman’s voice. Sister De Pina and I were like “Uhhh, is she talking to us?” But I didn’t recognize her so I just walked into the house and Sister De Pina stood at the door staring at her. Then I just heard her slam the door and start booking it towards me screaming “IT’S A MAN AND HE’S COMPLETELY NAKED!!!!” hahahaha! Oh man, we booked it up to our apartment so fast. We think he’s just some crazy guy but poor Sister De Pina is scarred for life.


Right now I’m in Santa Maria, the touristy town. We rented bikes and are just riding around looking at the sites. Those first couple minutes on a bike were glorious. Sister Garcia and I were like “YEAHHHHHH! WOOOOOOOOO!” riding past all the european tourists. Sister Zimbleman, the newbie, wasn’t as thrilled. I don’t think she really understands how it feels to go over a year without doing those trivial things. Then I had this embarrassing moment when my bike broke and I had to do the walk of shame back down the same road as the tourists watched me walk the bike back. No worries though cause I switched the bike out and rode back up the road going “YEAHHHH BACK ON THE ROAD AGAIN!!!” Sister Garcia and I gave each other a triumphant high five as we passed the tourists to show them that missionaries can do hard things.

Lindsay Mission - On a bike - Aug 2014

Lindsay Mission - Aug 2014 -  Companion on a bike


So anyway, have a great week everyone! love you all!

-Sister Sharp


One thought on “YEAH I’M ON A BIKE!!

  1. We never imagine the things you have to go thru on your missions. Love the never give up attitude! You are an amazing young lady! Love, sister hall

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