Transfer to Sal

Lindsay Mission June 2014 - Dicay on the docks Lindsay MIssion - June 2014 - Last lunch with Sister Turley
So, monday night we were walking home from a family home evening and our phone rang. It was President Oliveira. Figures. I answered the phone and all he said was “Sister Sharp you’re going to Sal”. He could have at least thrown in a “Good Luck!” or a “Don’t get sick on the boat!” We were all pretty shocked cause it was two weeks before the end of the transfer. I guess since it was our mission president’s last week as president he wanted to do all the transfers before the new president got here.
Anyway. I was really bummed. I didn’t even get to say goodbye to anyone cause my boat left at 6AM the next morning. Thankfully Milton, a member, was walking with us when we got the call so I at least got to say goodbye to one person. He also told me I had fulfilled my mission in Brava and thanked me for everything I had done, then told me to do the same for Sal. So. I felt a little better about leaving after hearing that. STILL SUCKED THOUGH. 
I had to take a boat to Praia instead of flying cause I guess the assisants don’t like me and want me to be stuck on a boat for 5 hours. And on top of that, they didn’t send me with the other sisters that were going. They sent me alone… with one elder. AWKWARD. It was ok though. It was just Elder Gunther, who I served with in Tarrafal. 
Other than all that, I really felt like the Lord was blessing and thanking me for the work I had done in Brava. For example:
  1. For the first time ever the boat was completely calm all the way to praia and I got to stand on the deck and watch dolphins in the ocean which I always wanted to do.
  2. My whole mission I told everyone I would finish my mission in Sal, and now Im here.
  3. The Lord sent me to an area that never lacks water.
I got to Sal wednesday night. It is SO different here. It’s dry, flat, and really big. It’s like an actual city. Where we live kind of reminds me of an area in Florida with lots of stores, palm trees, and white sand. However where we WORK reminds me of… I dont even know. I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s a little ghetto developement of houses but instead of houses they’re little shacks made of scraps of metal sheets and wood planks. Poorest area Ive ever seen. It’s kind of hard to teach the people because they have so little education they can’t really grasp the concepts we teach. Even something like what a prophet is. I like it though. I’m learning to love Sal but its a little hard after being in Brava for so long. All in due time. I’m now with Sister De Pina who is great and hard working. We’ll do great work together.
Oh man, greatest moment of my day today. So if you all remember sister Barbosa (who I miss dearly) and I had been fasting and praying all month long to have 6 resgates (less actives turn active). We worked SO HARD. I talked to her today and she told me as of yesterday we had 6 resgates this month. MIRACLES. She also told me people in Brava have been asking about me a lot which makes me feel better. Zezito, our recent convert, tried calling the Brava sisters phone cause he figured I took that phone with me. The new sister had to explain to him I have a different number now and that he couldn’t talk to me anymore. Sad. 
The only thing about my life that hasn’t changed this week is that I’m STILL sister leader even though I know nothing about Sal. So later today I have to hop on a plane and go back to Praia for our first conference with our new mission president, President Matthews. Should be interesting!
Hope you all have an amazing week!!!
-Sister Sharp

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