Mission Fasting Miracle

well… where to start…

Ill start with good news!

Elder CottonIf you remember several months back I wrote about an elder (Elder Cotton) that went home because he found out he had cancer. The cancer had already spread to all his organs and his chances of making it through were really slim. So our whole mission did a fast for him and this week we received news that he is now cancer free. SO AMAZING! We are all so happy for him and his family. It was a testimony to us that Heavenly Father listens to our fasts and prayers.


There wasn’t too much that happened this week, really. We don’t have a lot of progressing investigators and the work has been a little slow lately. However on Friday we got a call from a member who was preparing a class for Relief Society on Wednesday. She said she needed our help. So we hopped on over there and asked her how she could help. I could tell something was off and she explained that she was having a hard time preparing the lesson. She told us she was worried that she had done something wrong and that she didn’t have the Spirit with her. She said she had been trying to think of what she had done that week and wanted to repent if she had sinned. I immediately remembered my mission president explaining the gift of the Holy Ghost to us and the promise that we are given. So after listening and thinking I just looked her in the eyes and promised her she had the Spirit with her. And of course she did. Anyone that is continually looking to do good and seeks with spirit will have it. Then she just started crying. I could tell she was really relieved and just needed someone to tell her she had the Spirit. That Sunday she gave a great lesson in Relief Society! Funny how sometimes people just need to be reassured of the promises we were already given.

Yesterday we were going to a lesson and some soldiers stopped us and told us they wanted to hear “the word of God” as everyone says. So we were like, yeah, sure why not. We taught them the restoration and gave them a Book of Mormon which they promised to read. So there ya go. Now were teaching the Cabo Verde troops.
Why does Cabo Verde even have an army? It’s so small. If it wanted to be involved in a war it would probably go something like this:
America: ‘MERICA. WERE IN.
everyone: ………
Cabo Verde: what…
Anyway. Thats all i’ve got for you guys this week.
To close here’s a random part from my journal entry this week:
We watched the Joseph Smith movie and its so good! It always amazes me how optimistic Joseph Smith was. Ill bet Christ is like that too. Ill bet you when life gave him lemons he didnt make lemonade or squeeze them in the eyes of his enemies. Ill bet he made lemons bars and offered them to his enemies. because he’s charitable and no one can deny lemon bars.

-Sister Sharp


European Vacation

Heyyyy everyone! Sooo this week… yeah. It was a normal week. Not too much to report. We had a baptism though! Clebber was baptized and it was probably the least stressful baptism I’ve had. Once he decided he knew it was right he just did it. WHY CANT EVERYONE BE LIKE THAT?

We’ve been finding some cool new investigators and I’m getting used to my area. Our members here are great and have been helping us a lot. We don’t really have anyone that can be baptized this week cause we’re working with a lot of new investigators.

Today we went to Santa Maria, a nearby town that’s super fancy and has lots of European tourists. I felt really under-dressed. We somehow accidentally wandered into a resort. I guess the security just assumed we were tourists and that were staying there. We ended up at their private beach and pool.

Yeah, sure. I’m a rich European on vacation. Why not.

Lindsay Mission - July 2014 - Euro Vacation

Anyway, not too much to report here. We have interviews with our new mission president tomorrow so I’m excited for that. Also Sister Yerman, my trainer is staying at my house tonight! I haven’t seen her in like a year so that should be fun. I think she actually goes home in 2 weeks. On the other side of the spectrum, there’s now a brand new greenie living in our house. Her name is Sister Zimbleman and she’s way cute. it’s weird to see a new missionary. it brings back memories of when I first got here. It also makes me feel really old.
SO! I hope you all have a great week!!!!
-Sister Sharp

Transfer 10…Sort Of…And President Mateus

Well, obviously there weren’t any transfers this transfer cause we had them two weeks ago. but hey! transfer 10! I’m in the double digits.

This week… haha.


So Tuesday was the leadership counsel which was great. Our new president, President Mateus is awesome. It’s interesting to see a new mission president cause you can tell they’re learning with you. I really loved all his trainings though and his wife gave an AWESOME training on how the Lord prepares people.


Once I got back to Sal I got to work in my new area. I’m more used to it now so the adjustment isn’t as bad. My new companion is so funny. Haha–she’s a sassy one. Our conversations are just… haha well for example. At district meeting we had a “understand your companion” time where we all separated and asked each other questions trying to understand our comps better. (Ours consisted of me asking her questions and her shrugging.) When we came back this was the conversation:

District leader :Alright! How was it? (looking at us)

me: It was great!

comp: no it wasn’t

District leader: did it go well?

me:yeah it did!

comp: no it didn’t.

District leader: Do you feel like you understand each other?

me: We’re getting there!

comp: no we’re not.

hahaha oh man she’s a funny one. She’s not super thrilled about the whole transfer thing but I’m determined to be her best friend and I shower her with loves and kindness.

I made her pancakes the other day and presented them to her. She glared at them and grunted “just one.” and gave me the bowl back. So I took the other pancakes out except for one and gave her the bowl so she could eat the pancake. hahahaha.

Lindsay Mission - June 2014 - glasses
I also entertain myself. I found this really ugly pair of glasses in our house and started wearing them as if they’re mine. My comp hasn’t said anything about it even though I never used glasses the first 2 weeks I was with her.

Anyway. Despite all that craziness were seeing tons of miracles. Especially yesterday. We have a boy named Clebber marked to be baptized this week but was saying all week he hadn’t recieved an answer to his prayers. As we were talking about recieving answers I felt I should read the chapter in 3rd Nephi of when Christ came and the people heard God’s voice but didnt understand it. Then he sat and thought for a moment and asked “Can an answer come through my thoughts also?” then we shared D&C 8:2 and he was like, “Yeah, I think I actually did recieve an answer then.” YAY! now he’s going to be baptized Saturday.
We’re also teaching a guy named José who almost died a few weeks ago cause his alcohol count was 86% and now he wants to change his life. We taught him the first lesson and when we came back he said “I recieved an answer and will be baptized.” SO AWESOME!
Can’t wait for this week.

-Sister Sharp

Transfer to Sal

Lindsay Mission June 2014 - Dicay on the docks Lindsay MIssion - June 2014 - Last lunch with Sister Turley
So, monday night we were walking home from a family home evening and our phone rang. It was President Oliveira. Figures. I answered the phone and all he said was “Sister Sharp you’re going to Sal”. He could have at least thrown in a “Good Luck!” or a “Don’t get sick on the boat!” We were all pretty shocked cause it was two weeks before the end of the transfer. I guess since it was our mission president’s last week as president he wanted to do all the transfers before the new president got here.
Anyway. I was really bummed. I didn’t even get to say goodbye to anyone cause my boat left at 6AM the next morning. Thankfully Milton, a member, was walking with us when we got the call so I at least got to say goodbye to one person. He also told me I had fulfilled my mission in Brava and thanked me for everything I had done, then told me to do the same for Sal. So. I felt a little better about leaving after hearing that. STILL SUCKED THOUGH. 
I had to take a boat to Praia instead of flying cause I guess the assisants don’t like me and want me to be stuck on a boat for 5 hours. And on top of that, they didn’t send me with the other sisters that were going. They sent me alone… with one elder. AWKWARD. It was ok though. It was just Elder Gunther, who I served with in Tarrafal. 
Other than all that, I really felt like the Lord was blessing and thanking me for the work I had done in Brava. For example:
  1. For the first time ever the boat was completely calm all the way to praia and I got to stand on the deck and watch dolphins in the ocean which I always wanted to do.
  2. My whole mission I told everyone I would finish my mission in Sal, and now Im here.
  3. The Lord sent me to an area that never lacks water.
I got to Sal wednesday night. It is SO different here. It’s dry, flat, and really big. It’s like an actual city. Where we live kind of reminds me of an area in Florida with lots of stores, palm trees, and white sand. However where we WORK reminds me of… I dont even know. I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s a little ghetto developement of houses but instead of houses they’re little shacks made of scraps of metal sheets and wood planks. Poorest area Ive ever seen. It’s kind of hard to teach the people because they have so little education they can’t really grasp the concepts we teach. Even something like what a prophet is. I like it though. I’m learning to love Sal but its a little hard after being in Brava for so long. All in due time. I’m now with Sister De Pina who is great and hard working. We’ll do great work together.
Oh man, greatest moment of my day today. So if you all remember sister Barbosa (who I miss dearly) and I had been fasting and praying all month long to have 6 resgates (less actives turn active). We worked SO HARD. I talked to her today and she told me as of yesterday we had 6 resgates this month. MIRACLES. She also told me people in Brava have been asking about me a lot which makes me feel better. Zezito, our recent convert, tried calling the Brava sisters phone cause he figured I took that phone with me. The new sister had to explain to him I have a different number now and that he couldn’t talk to me anymore. Sad. 
The only thing about my life that hasn’t changed this week is that I’m STILL sister leader even though I know nothing about Sal. So later today I have to hop on a plane and go back to Praia for our first conference with our new mission president, President Matthews. Should be interesting!
Hope you all have an amazing week!!!
-Sister Sharp