São João and Sharks

Who celebrates a saint by getting drunk for 2 weeks? All of Brava.

Other than the super annoying festas and drunks this week was full of miracles. We had 19 lessons with members present, a baptism, and 2 resgates (less active members made active). We were really blessed this week.
We also found some new investigators who are SO prepared. Our branch president took us to his mom’s house who had never talked to the missionaries. When she opened the door and saw us she screamed out of excitement and grabbed us into an enthusiastic and slightly painful hug. She was so excited to have the missionaries finally visit. Apparently she’s been to stake conference twice and a baptism once. She said ever since the baptism she saw she’s always wanted to be baptized. Doesn’t get much more prepared than that.
Thankfully D, our recent convert said he’s been staying far away from the festas cause he had problems with drinking before. Man, he told us the coolest stories the other day!!!! He’s a fisher and he goes to little islands smaller than our little island to fish. He said it’s super dangerous cause there are a lot of sharks. There’s one shark that can tell where you are in the boat based on your shadow and will JUMP out of the water and grab you out of the boat. There’s also this one fish that’s like 20 feet long and swims SUPER fast. As in, if your fishing hook hooks onto him your boat will tip over and sink. He said he’s seen it a few times and that it’s really colorful and when it emerges from the water it changes color.
Anyway, this week W was baptized! W is 9 years old and most of his family are members but his mom died last year so he was never baptized. We’ve been working with him for a few weeks and he finally understood all the commandments.
M and E are our two resgates and they are awesome. They’re a young couple that stopped going to church a few months ago and didn’t want to come back. This week we had some really good lessons with them and E told our branch president that nothing would get in his way of following the gospel. He picked up his old calling and he looks SO happy all the time now. His wife M received a calling as the Young Women’s president yesterday.
so yeah! it was a great week!
-Sister Sharp

One thought on “São João and Sharks

  1. Super excited for all your miracles. Truly the gospel continues to roll forth. Hope you have another amazing week. Love, sister hall

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