Well, it was another awesome week!

Sister Barbosa and I worked hard, as always. 
On Tuesday we went to Zezito’s house and after the lessons he had set up the table with cookies and juice for us to eat before we left. Then as we were eating he was like, “Man, sisters are fat…”
ZEZITO. We were like “You’re the one making us fat!”
sorry. that was random. 
We focused a lot on working with our less actives this week and it was great. I love working with less actives. Ok, sorry, one more random funny story. We’ve been trying to get Tony to read the Book of Mormon everyday but he’s been really stubborn about the whole thing. So we stopped by to read with him and he was, of course, outside smoking. GAH. Anyway, we had the following conversation.
Me: “Hey, Tony do you have your Book of Mormon with you?”
Tony: “Reading the scriptures in the street is a sin, you know. Everything is a sin. You’re sinning just by breathing.”
Me: “Tony, the only reason I’m sinning by breathing is because I’m breathing in your cigarette smoke. Let’s read.”
Everyone, including him, busted out laughing. 
On a more serious note we saw tons of miracles this week. We fasted yesterday and had 10 less actives were working with come to church. It was amazing. Then I was looking over our goals for the week and realized we were way behind and only had 1 afternoon until we had to do our numbers. It was almost impossible to meet our goals we made. I prayed to see miracles that afternoon and not only did we meet our goals, but we taught 8 lessons in 6 hours. It was pretty incredible. 
Love you all! Have a great week!

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