Tree Reception

Lindsay Mission June 2014 Sister BarbosaYayyyy for an entire week in my area!!!! It was great! Sister Barbosa and I rocked our area this week.

I’ll give you guys little updates from each day.


We went to a member’s house cause she asked us for our “help”. She had really made a big lunch for us which was awesome. After we ate we were all talking then sister Lima started looking really tired and zoned out. Then she said she couldn’t see anything and that she didn’t feel good. Then she passed out. Apparently she didn’t have enough sugar in her system or something. I went to go call someone for help but my phone wasn’t working. Then the member said, “You can’t call people here. You have to climb the tree.” Yeah. Figures. So I ran outside and climbed a giant tree while the others fed her sugar. I eventually got a hold of people and it all worked out. That tree really did have great reception though.


Pretty normal day. We got a lot done but then the whole island lost power so we had to go home early cause it was so dark.

Lindsay MIssion June 2014 Tony CalendarThursday

So we’ve been teaching this guy named Toni from America. He’s pretty hardcore. He tells us prison stories and owns a popular restaurant. But he wants to stop smoking and he wants to know what church is true. So we set up a calendar with him to help him stop smoking. At the end I told him I wanted to see him tape it to his wall. I looked around for tape but couldn’t find any. So he GLUED the calendar to his restaurant wall. Now whenever you walk into that restaurant you see a cute calendar with check boxes for prayer, reading the Book of Mormon, and going to church haha.


Also a normal day. I was kind of stressed out that morning cause I got a call from my mission president chewing me out for something that had nothing to do with me. That’s what happens when you’re a leader,I guess. Anyway, Sister Barbosa totally made my day when she told me “If president Oliveira knew what kind of leader you are, he wouldn’t have the courage to be angry at you”. She’s the best.


Lindsay MIssion June 2014 Photo BoothOh man, we had a SICK activity at church. We put on the Chronicles of Narnia and had a movie day. But, being sister missionaries we had to get artsy. So we turned the doorway into a wardrobe so people had to walk through a clothes rack of coats to enter. Then when you entered there was “snow” on the ground and mattresses to sit on and watch movies. We also set up a fun Photo booth and served popcorn and juice. It was awesome and the other sisters found a whole new family of investigators through it who went to church the next day.


ugh, Sundays. so stressful. a lot of people didn’t go to church cause there’s a 2 week long party going on in Brava so everyone stayed out until the morning and slept through church. But! Zezito, our recent convert, gave a talk and did a great job. At the end he closed with this: “Sorry this wasn’t a really good talk…I’m really sweaty… I’ll do better next time. In the name of Jesus Christ Amen.” hahahaha. He’s the best.


As for today… I’ve been hand washing all my clothes cause we have no water hahaha. I attached a picture of how we wash clothes here.
LIndsay Mission June 2014 Washing clothes
LIndsay Mission June 2014 little duck

Cute baby duck!

ok that’s all I have for you!
Love you all,
Sister Sharp

3 thoughts on “Tree Reception

  1. What great stories for the week. You guys are amazing! Hope you have a really great upcoming week. Keep the faith .
    Love, sister hall

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