mangoHey!!!! Well we had another great week. We were in Fogo for half the week for a zone conference but the days that we were here were great. As you can see it’s officially mango season again which makes me SO happy. I’ve missed them.

That also means I’m old. I hit my one year mark this week which was cool. I was in Fogo for it so we had cake with a couple other sisters that were in my district in the MTC. Group birthday party! Zone conference was awesome. It was our last zone conference with our mission president Oliveira before we get a new mission president. It was pretty sad but I think Ill see him again at leadership conference in a week or two.

Agh I cant believe Ill have to go back to Praia in a week. I’M NEVER IN MY AREA.

Our water problems still continue. I don’t think we had water for one day this week. For that reason we started looking for new houses. I don’t know if we will have to move houses but it will either be that or get the water at this house fixed. One needs to happen cause… we smell bad and haven’t washed our clothes in forever. Our investigator inventory is a little low right now. It could be cause were never in our area but it could also be that our stench is really offensive.

Yesterday we had a cool moment while going to an appointment. As we were walking we passed a women and I felt like we should talk to her. I didn’t… but I told myself If we found her again I would stop and talk to her. On the way back she was still there so I said quickly to my comp mid sentence “we’re going to talk to her”. So we started talking and she seemed really excited that we stopped to talk to her. Then she literally invited us to come back and talk to her. Obrigada espirito santo. I’m excited to see how things go. Other than that… Life is pretty much the same. In an awesome way. LOVE YOU ALL! -Sister Sharp

President Oliviera and Sister Oliviera

President Oliveira and Sister Oliveira

Mom note: Here is a catch-up on last week when she went to the beach for her P-Day


Lindsay Beach P-Day with little boyToday was by far one of my favorite P-days. We decided to go on a hike down to a village called Furna down by the ocean. It took about an hour to get down there but it was totally worth it. The views were amazing and the people down there were so friendly. When we got down there we collected sea shells and ate sandwiches by the ocean on some giant rocks. While we were eating we saw some kids trying to fish but all they had was a fish head and some fishing line. They weren’t having much luck. So helped them out by taking the bobby pins out of our hair and making them into hooks. They didn’t catch anything but we did get to watch the fish pop out of the water trying to eat the bait. It was a blast!

Lindsay Beach P-day May 2014

Mom Note: This is Dave! He owns the Mail N’ More store near our house where I send a lot of letters and packages. He’s a Praia mail expert.







Send Me Back To Brava!


Zone Leader Conference In March…with ice cream!

Oh my goodness I miss Brava so much. I’ve been in Praia all week long and it’s been rough. And on top of that something is wrong with our phones so I don’t even know if D got baptized on Saturday. GAH. That’s killing me but I’m pretty sure he did. I was pretty upset I couldn’t be there for it.

On the bright side I’ve had some really good recent convert lessons. OH. let me tell you. I don’t know how many of you remember the family of Maria, Mario, David, and Ima but they were the first family I worked with when I came to Cabo Verde. They’re the giant family we worked with for months. Anyway, I got here and asked about them and some one told me THEY ARE ALL LESS ACTIVE. You better believe I wasn’t going to let that fly. I marched to that house and found Maria outside. I asked her where David was and she said he wasn’t there. Yeah, ok. So I stormed into that house and yelled his name. No worries everyone, it was righteous anger. Lo and behold! He turned the corner to find me standing there a foot away from him. His face was priceless. Its been a LONG time since I’ve seen them.
Mother’s note: Perhaps he was afraid because she looked like this….
I told him to grab his brother Ima but when he came back he told me Ima was going to take a shower and couldn’t talk. Once again, yeah ok. So I walked passed him to the back of the house as he yelled “Sister! my dogs will bite you!” HONEY BADGER DON’T CARE. I started yelling his name as David kicked his dogs away from me. Needless to say, They both joined us in the living room to talk. We had a great lesson. As angry as I was, I was more sad than anything. They’re my first family of Cabo Verde and I refuse to ever let them go less active. David will definitely be going back to church and the missionaries here will be working with the others. 
So other than that, not much else has been going on over here cause I have no idea what’s going on in my area. Today Sister Black and I went to the market and bought awesome benfica jerseys. 
Have a great week everyone! Happy Cinco de Maio!!!
Sister Sharp