Feliz Natal everyone!

I FLIPPIN LOVE CHRISTMAS. But I love Christmas more in the states. People just go out and party here. laaaame. It’s cool. We’re gonna have our own awesome Christmas. 
So! This week felt suprisingly long. But it was good! I’ve been fighting against my human nature to focus on the work and not think about Christmas. I succeeded no worries. We had more member present lessons than we’ve had in a while and we found 9 new investigators which is mais ou menos. 
We had two weddings this week which was kind of crazy. The second wedding was awesome! Our investigator J got married and baptized on Saturday! It was a really cute wedding. They both cried. She was just as excited about her baptism as her wedding which is what I like to see. 
As a side note, I was looking around at all the happy faces at the wedding. I thought “Wow, there are so many people here!!! Wow… I’m the only white person here…”
Also 4 minutes before the bride walked in we were informed my companion and I would be standing at the front singing as she walked in. Thanks for the heads up on that one. We pulled it together though no worries. The bride was either crying because she was so happy or because of our horrible singing. 
So other than that we’ve just been getting ready for Christmas day. Were going to go caroling and drop off presents at peoples’ houses and run for it. Should be a good time. 
Oh man, I totally forgot. That day of the first wedding when there was no power! It was because there was a HUGE storm that day. It seriously felt a hurricane! It might have been… but! We’re missionaries so we went out teaching haha. We trudged our way throught the shin-deep water to houses where no one was home all day. The wind was so insane we couldn’t use umbrellas so we were soaking wet and freezing the whole day. By 7 the storm was just getting worse. I had my broken, tattered umbrella wrapped around me like a poncho and my companion was just dead tired. I decided to call it quits cause I was afraid we would get sick and we headed home to our flooded house. yayyyy. It was actually one of the funniest days on my mission though. The whole thing was just so ridiculous.

Teaching Miracles

As always we are seeing miracles here in Cabo Verde. The Gospel is changing lives every day. I love my area and my investigators. The other day it was 8:40 at night and we were dead beat and ready to go home. I really wanted to be as diligent as possible so I told my companion we would go to the park and contact people for the last few minutes we had. Earlier that day we had talked with a young girl named E to teach her the second lesson but she never showed up. We had an awesome first lesson with her though. As we walked through the park my companion pointed to a bench and there was E sitting there! We walked over and had a mini lesson with her. She told us she went to the church to find us but didn’t see us. She also said she had prayed about the church and recieved an answer. We marked a baptismal date with her for the 11th. Miracles of diligence and promptings of the Spirit. 
Merry Christmas everyone!
-Sister Sharp

2 thoughts on “FELIZ NATAL!!

  1. I guess I’ve had saudades de cabo verde and somehow found your blog. A lot of funny stuff here. I served in Cabo Verde from June of 2002 to May of 2003. I was in the very first group of missionaries transfered to the new missao cabo verde, praia from the Portugal Lisbon South Mission. I was the second financial secretary of the mission, replacing my companion who was the first. My mission experience was one of a lot of hearthache and sorrow with not much pleasure to look back on. This is for myriad reasons. My job as financial secretary for 7 months was very much a full-time job. There wasn’t enough hours in the day to do everything we had to do in the office, running the adminisration of the mission, and then trying to be a missionary which would happen for a few hours in the week. Our mission president left it all up to us while he saw to the spiritual side of the mission. TRUST This was all part of establishing a new mission. It was a lot of repsonsibility for me as a young man. On many occasions, I would call the area office in england and have them transfer 40-50 dollars a month to run the mission. Crazy I have a lot of crazy stories but not a lot of success stories. I guess I can say I was there, and I tried.

  2. Hey k.a.–
    Lindsay can’t see her blog–she’s not on a blogging/Facebook type mission–her mom–that’s me–posts her stuff. I just wanted to respond since you were nice enough to post a comment.

    Obviously, like every mission, Lindsay has stuff she doesn’t share, even with her mother. In fact, my other daughter gets letters that say “DON’T TELL MOM!”. So although she lets us in on the fun stuff, there are some anxiety-inducing things too. She’s like every other missionary. She misses her family, there is barfing and I’m sure there are difficult people she struggles with. So it isn’t all sunshine. The blog just highlights that stuff because…it’s a blog.

    I’m totally positive that you made a significant impact while you were serving. A former mission president, Milan Kunz, told me this: “Knowing that the office is functioning well is a huge relief and allowed me to care for my duties. What a blessing to his mission president to know that the work was being conducted properly by elders he, and the Lord, trusted.”

    He also had the same calling you did when he served as a missionary: “On my young mission in Ireland, I also served as financial secretary for six months and then in a special role for an additional four months to prepare the area for a musical group from Utah State University coming to perform in Ireland. I felt very overwhelmed most of the time, yet I learned so much from the many new experiences. And the mission was just fine even after my many mistakes. So, this young man needs to know that the Lord appreciates his service. His life, as well as many others, will be forever blessed because of his service as a full-time missionary.”

    Even if you didn’t know it then or even if you doubt it now, you were needed and appreciated.

    Also, you speak Portuguese. I’m jealous. And you know that Praia is pronounced Pry-ah.

    Thanks for commenting and hope this helps!
    Sister E. Sharp

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