Hey everyone!

I haven’t had anytime to breathe this week between transfers and learning my new area, so I’ll start from the beginning.
The day of transfers was sad, exciting, and nerve racking all at the same time. It was really hard saying goodbye to a lot of the people in Monte Vermelho. Nothing breaks your heart like seeing your recent convert cry as you leave your area.

One of Those Awkward Missionaries..

After I left I had to get to my new area…. alone… without a companion. And it was terrifying. After 6 months of constantly being with someone you just get used to it. I took a taxi to a big market where I found…. a hiace (pronounced yaus). Oh man. The hiace experience was something to remember. So a hiace is just a van that gets crammed with  people until you think you’re going to be squished to death. I was squished between a window and some ladies with baskets of bread and fruit. The worst part was when one lady opened her bucket of raw fish in the hiace. GROSS. The uncomfortable ride was SO worth it though. The view on the way there was easily the most amazing thing I’ve already seen. Once we left Praia everything just turned super green and these giant green mountains appeared. We went over these giant green mountains that go up into the clouds and look over huge valleys  with little houses and farms build up the sides of the mountains. I tried taking pictures but they were an injustice. When I got to the town that I was supposed to find my comp they weren’t there yet so I had to wait at the church with some elders. It was then that I realized Im one of those awkward missionaries. I felt so uncomfortable!


my comp showed up after a while and shes awesome! Her name is Sister Willey and she is super sweet. She was a latin major so we enjoy using our good english vocabulary together.
My new area, Tarrafal, is adorable. Its a little town sorrounded by green mountains and the beach. The weather here is AMAZING. Its always sunny in the afternoon, then gets cool and cloudy around 4. I was cold the first day here because it was like 72 degrees haha.
The work here is unlike any other place in the world. We have too many investigators. We are constantly trying to keep our inventory UNDER 50 people. Its really overwhelming but amazing at the same time.
When my mission president called me to tell me I was being transfered he gave me specific instructions that I was going to a broken ward that was just split and that I was to fix and strengthen it. again… no pressure.
I haven’t met a lot of members here yet but I’m trying to get a ward council started and get the members working with us. Investigator wise the work is amazing, member wise, not so much.
On the bright side, the church here is so small that we dont have a capela… chapel? or font. you know what that means. OCEAN BAPTISMSSS! We had one of saturday and it was amazing. you can see the floor of the ocean cause the water is so clear. Too bad he had to baptize her like 20 times cause he kept getting the prayer wrong. haha.
There’s too much to write… We had stake conference yesterday in an old school building with holes in the roof and of course it was pouring rain. We were soaked to say the least. I had to keep my backpack on my lap cause the was a leak right above me. It was a good conference though!
What else… in the morning we like to run to a little house with one of two bread ovens in the entire town. It’s just a giant stone oven with a legit fire inside. They make fresh bread every morning and we get 10 rolls for like 50 cents. its awesome.
I love you all!
The Church is true and the Gospel is perfect!
-Sister Sharp

One thought on “Tarrafal

  1. Grateful for your wonderful blog. You are an amazing young woman. I am fully confident that you and your wonderful companion will be able to pull things together. Ward council is the perfect place to start. If you can get the leaders to work together it carries over to the members. You are in my prayers daily. Keep up the wonderful work. Love to you and your companion.
    Sister Hall

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