Beware of Dog…and Chicken

When You Pray…

Hey everyone! This week was a very busy week. Our numbers last week were less than awesome so we spent the whole week contacting like crazy trying to find new investigators. We also prayed a lot for new investigators and Heavenly Father didn’t let us down. I actually couldn’t keep track of all the people we were finding to teach. It was insane. We had one guy call us who had taken all the lessons but never got baptized, and said he wanted to get baptized and asked us to talk to him. that never happens… Hes already keeping all the commandments and have been to church a few times.


Conference was awesome! But I didn’t understand most of it haha. The translators were all Brazilian so I had a hard time understanding their accents. When I concentrated really hard I understood it haha. 


Training is probably the most stressful thing in the world but the sister I’m training is awesome so its not so bad. The other sisters are saying they think Ill train a new american next transfer so thats a terrifying thought.

ImageDog and Chicken

 So Sister Cruz, my comp, is terrified of dogs. Yesterday as we were walking to conference a dog chasing a chicken ran past us really fast and Sister Cruz started screaming and jumped up on a ledge while desperately “pulling me to safety”. I almost died laughing. I don’t have a picture but I drew you all an idea of the terrifying chicken and dog

Oh yeah my other story of the week. I had a family night at a members house. He handed me a cup of juice and before I could even say “Oh sorry, I can’t drink the water here” he said, “Don’t worry! I put bleach in it.” COMFORTING. I did indeed drink the bleach juice but I survived so no worries haha. 
I hope you all have a wonderful week!
-Sister Sharp

One thought on “Beware of Dog…and Chicken

  1. Your life on your mission is never dull. What an amazing young woman you are. I have such a strong testimony of prayer. Two of my favorite sayings from conference were “Doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith” and “He will never fail us or forsake us”. Hard to remember sometimes, but we are never alone. Hope you have a wonderful week.
    Sister Hall

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