African Greenery and Baptisms

Lindsay in the jungleHey everyone!

Well it’s been a crazy, stressful, awesome week all at the same time. We got a call from the assistants on Wednesday and my companion was transferred. ARE YOU KIDDING ME. Apparently my old companion from Sao Vincente was still sick from that water we drank and she had to go home. So my comp here was transferred to Sao Vincente. I now have had 7 companions in my 4 months on the mission. That’s insane. To make it even better the companion I have now is waiting on her visa to go to Brazil so she’s never been to the MTC and I’m training her. It’s not bad though. She served a mini mission and she already speaks portuguese so it’s a lot easier than training an American missionary. I’m just in charge of everything. Which is extremely stressful because I only have a few weeks in this area.

Thankfully my new companion, Sister Cruz is super sweet and an awesome teacher. She’s also super beautiful and I look like an ogre next to her hahaha. Today we went to Suca Pira (giant market) and we found a really cool garden behind it where we ate delicious pastries and enjoyed the african greenery.


This weekend was really awesome. We had two investigators baptized here in Monte Vermelho.
Also! If you remember a few months ago I talked a lot about a couple we were helping to get married. They finally got married and baptized!! I didn’t get to go to the wedding which I was bummed about but I saw their baptism. Since it’s impossible to really remember everything in this ridiculously hot tiny internet shop Ill just write my journal entry.

Yesterday was a crazy yet awesome day. I got to see Leo, Rosemery, Quianna, and Ima all get Baptized. David (my recent convert) spoke at the baptism and Mario (my other recent convert) baptized them. so cool! it often feels like I get nothing done in a day but then suddenly I see how many people have changed just because I showed up to their house and invited them to pray. They all look so happy. When Quianna saw me she ran up and gave me a big hug and told me about her wedding. I’m still bummed I missed it. Rosemery gave an awesome testimony after her baptism where she thanked all of the sisters who helped her through her hard times. We visited Leo’s family that night and he eagerly offered to give the opening prayer where he thanked Heavenly Father for his baptism and for how happy he felt now.

So there you have it. Life is good! Hope youre all doing great too!

-Sister Sharp


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