A Bug’s Life


The rainy season also happens to be the insect season. There are mosquitos, grasshoppers, and flies everywhere. Seriously. We taught a lesson last night and spent the whole time skillfully dodging flying grasshoppers. For some reason I did not know they fly. I should have learned that from watching A Bug’s Life but I didn’t. My comp was unable to dodge one and it went down the back of her shirt in the lesson. Bummer. 

Oh man, my house. MY. HOUSE. It is currently filled with flies and cockroaches. Cockroaches I can ignore. They mostly just hide in the dark places and I occasionally have to shoo some off the silverware in the drawers but ya know, that’s whatever. The flies though. Oh the flies. Everytime I turn on the sink a big puff of gnats comes out of the sink, making it very hard to wash my dishes. Plus they always fly in my ear when I’m trying to sleep! What’s up with that! RUDE. We came home one day and the house was filled with giant mutant flies and we spent like an hour running around killing them. Sister Pina killed the ones on the walls with a broom while screaming “VIDA ETERNO!” While I got the flies with a giant flattened box screaming “IS THERE NO ONE ELSE?!” It was intense to say the least. 

The Crazy Dogs

The other day we were hiking up a mountain to an investigator’s house (no big deal) and a huge wet dog ran up behind me at full speed and instead of going around me he decided to just run right through my legs. As if that isn’t a funny picture in and of itself, the dog was so big that I ended up like half riding the wet dog for a while until I threw myself off of it. Dogs here are crazy.
So other than that crazy stuff the work here is great. We’re slowly building up our inventory of investigators and we should have two baptisms this Saturday. We had a family go to church on Sunday who had only had one lesson. Dedication! We’re also teaching a man who showed up to church on his own. He said he saw the sign in front of our church and just decided to go. Sweet!

So yeah! Life here is good! I love and miss you all!

Sister Sharp


One thought on “A Bug’s Life

  1. Your writing is as entertaining as your mothers and sisters. Sounds like the work is really going strong. Seeing the fruits of your labors is really satisfying.. Hope the bug situation gets better. maybe you can make a sticky trap for the flies. Life sounds quite interesting there. Never a dull moment. Hope this week brings more investigators and less bugs.
    Lots of love,
    Sister Hall

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