Transfer week! So believe it or not I’m actually staying in this area. Maybe even for a whole transfer! wouldn’t that be something.

I had a great week! We’re seeing a lot more success in our area and a lot of it has to do with obedience. The other day we wanted to take two investigators to see a baptism. One was 11 years-old and the other an adult. Well, the adult didn’t show up where we were supposed to meet and we were put in an unfortunate situation.

We had this 11 year-old who was super excited to see a baptism but we couldn’t take a taxi with just him and it was too late to walk. We needed an adult because this is a mission rule. We considered just taking the taxi anyway because other missionaries have done it before but we decided to just be obedient and walked the discouraged 11 year-old back to his house. At his house we just so happened to find Brima, the other investigator we were going to go with! We hurried and took a taxi to the baptism that conveniently ran late and they got to see it. Afterwards they both said they wanted to be baptized! Had we not been obedient we wouldn’t have been able to take Brima to the baptism and we would have actually dropped him as an investigator because he wasn’t progressing before. Blessings of obedience!


I had an awesome Birthday!!! I got a bunch of packages from mom which was awesome!!! We also went over to the other sisters house and had cake to celebrate. Mom sent me this awesome birthday hat.
Lindsay Birthday Sept 2013

So anyway life here is awesome and I look forward to doing work in this area this transfer!

Love you all!

Sister Sharp

Mom Note: I found this beautiful picture of an African child with Christ by Liz Lemon Swindle at Deseret Books and sent it to Lindsay. She loved it.

Christ and african child


One thought on “Obedience

  1. Glad you had such a fun birthday. I love your mom and all the wonderful things she does with and for her family. The painting is absolutely beautiful. Obedience always brings blessings. So glad you had such a positive outcome for your obedience. Have a wonderful week.
    Sister Hall

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