Dawn of the Rainy Season!

todo bem!? This week went by really fast and I honestly don’t even remember very much about it. It was good though! Its been raining a lot cause it’s now the rainy season. I have found that here there are two types of rain. Theres the rain where it just pours like no other for hours and there the rain where its sunny out and randomly dumps a bunch of rain for like 5 minutes.

DragonheartThe latter is horrible… for those of you that have seen Dragonheart I want you to recall the scene where the guy is fighting a dragon and ends up stuck in the dragon’s mouth…but the dragon can’t close his mouth because of the guy’s sword. So the guy is stuck in the dragon’s hot nasty wet mouth for hours.

CABO. VERDE. RAINY. SEASON. That is exactly what it feels
like. Then when it just pours for hours there’s really no point in an umbrella cause it rains so hard the rains just goes through the umbrella. It’s fun though! We forgot our umbrellas the other day and it just started pouring on us. It was a blast! we had to change our clothes afterwards haha.

Lindsay in the Rain Sept 2013

At the Barber Shop

We’re teaching a barber and the only place we have to teach him is in his barber shop. The first time we taught him we were sitting in the dinky shop and there was another barber like 5 feet away shaving a man’s face. Hair flying everywhere and what not. In the middle of the lesson a vender came in and tried selling us sunglasses. We ignored him for a while then the other barber shaving a man’s face, without even looking up from the intense shaving session, goes -“Hey man… not now. We’re trying to hear the word of God.” – haha, were teaching him too now.

Hope everyone has a great week! Tchau!


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