I’m settled into my new area but it needs a lot of work. After the first few days I sat down with my comps and made a list of the investigators that were actually progressing cause I felt like none of them were. Of the twenty something that we had only 7 were actually progressing. That’s really bad haha. But we’re getting there. I’ll probably be transferred again before I can see any of the baptisms but we’ll see.

Cleaning Out The Fridge

I found something that was today that was like 3 weeks old. It was all rotten and wet and when I picked it up a huge swarm of gnats flew out and followed me with the trash. I found myself saying “OH NEPTUNE” like spongebob hahaha.

Senior Companion For A Day

I had divisions for a day last week in my old area which was weird. The other two sisters didn’t know the area so I was senior companion for a day. Stressful.
I love my new comps! They crack me up. Plus I get to practice my portuguese all day. I’m teaching Sister Pina how to speak english and I’m teaching Sister Camilo how to say the th sound hahaha. good stuff.
Just working hard and loving life. Missionary life rocks. I’m sooo glad I decided to go. It’s a lot of work but the sooner you decide to forget about the things that you want and ask for what Heavenly Father wants for you, the happier you’ll be. I’m pretty sure that goes for everyone, not just missionaries.
-Sister Sharp

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