Transfer Nomad

T’was a quiet, hot evening in Cabo Verde when the sisters got a call from their mission president. We had emergency transfers this week. And I was transferred… CAN I NOT JUST STAY IN MY OWN AREA FOR A FULL TRANSFER. I have no idea why we were transferred but here I am. I’m still in Praia, just a different area. I’m now companions with Sister Camilo who is from the Philippines, AND Sister Pina who is from Cabo Verde. I’m in a tripla. Aaand we only speak in portuguese. It’s been interesting. But they’re a lot of fun! I’m having a really good time.

Soooo I’ve been on my mission for 3 months and have already had 5 companions. I grew up a nomad and still am one. When Sister Yerman told me I was being transferred I collapsed on the floor and threw a tantrum. e verdade. Usually you can prepare for transfers because you know when they’ll be but emergency transfers are cray cray. You’re told you’re leaving and the next morning you leave. You don’t even get to say goodbye to your investigators or anything! I finally felt like I was getting a hold of my área and new all my investigators too.

Parenting 101

Oh yes, your ridiculous story of the week.
So Cabo Verde will not be winning any awards for best parents any time soon. We took a member with us to a lesson and she had her 2 year-old daughter with her. In the middle of the lesson the toddler pulled a bottle of nail polish out of her backpack and the mom took it from her. My first thought was, “Good thinking mom! Toddlers shouldn’t play with nail polish,” but then she opened the bottle for her and gave it back!!! I was like WHAT ARE YOU DOING! The toddler started waving the brush around, trying to pour the bottle of nail polish on my scriptures and painting my hand. I didn’t want to disrupt the lesson so I just let her paint my hand. BUT THEN. THEN she sticks the bottle of open nail polish IN HER MOUTH. I was like AGHHHHH!!!! and pulled the nail polish away from her nail polish covered mouth. Of course the toddler got super mad and I explained to the mom that she had been eating it. She just looked at me funny, took the bottle from me, and handed it back to the child. Why. Just why. So now the toddler is super mad but we continue on in the lesson. Then the toddler just loses it. She screamed at the top of her lungs and dragged the bottle of nail polish slowly down my face. Everyone just stared at my wide eyed face as the toddlers fist and bottle slowly dragged across my face. I can’t really give an accurate description of that moment. But it was pure madness.
Well that’s all I’ve got for you this week. FICA BEM. TCHAU!
-Sister Sharp

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