No Shoes For a Baptism

ImageWe had two baptisms on Saturday which went really well! We had a small heart attack on the way there because we stopped by the house of the 15 year-old that was getting baptized and he was still there and said he couldn’t get baptized because he didn’t have shoes. I felt sooo bad for the poor kid. He was completely silent as we talked to him and just stared at the ground embarrassed that he didn’t have shoes. We quickly explained that shoes aren’t important and that not even Jesus had nice shoes. He then agreed to go and and ran to the church just in time. I think my favorite part of being a missionary is seeing the changes in people. David who is 20 and just got baptized was a thug when we first met him and would barely say three words to us. Now he’s always smiling and likes to share the things he find in the scriptures with us. Its crazy!

Rainy Season

We had our first big rainstorm this week. Let the rainy season begin! Rain is funny here because one second it will look perfectly fine then it will just start hardcore pouring rain. Also, since the roads are dirt roads my feet got very dirty but it was fun. Sister Yerman was not excited about walking in the rain but I was all for it. ADVENTURE. Unfortunately with the rain comes lots of bugs. We were at a church activity and by the time we were 20 minutes into the activity the room was completely swarmed with bugs. Our church isn’t air conditioned so we just kept the windows open. That was a bad idea. so. many. bugs. one flew in my mouth. gross.

Not Exactly A Nun

Speaking of weird things happening during church functions. In my district meeting yesterday a prostitute walked right in, sat down, and started saying some catholic prayer. We were like, ” Uhhh ma’am, were in the middle of the meeting.” She did not want to leave. Eventually two elders asked to speak to her outside which did get her out of the room but then she started taking her clothes off and we were all like AHHHHH NOOOO. Thankfully she left after that.

Oh yeah and we were in the middle of a lesson with a recent convert and it was going really well until someone was stabbed outside her house. Curse those stabbings. Always interrupting lessons.


We got a new sister in this week and it left me wondering if  looked that confused all the time when I got here. Probably. She threw half a bag of sour skittles in the trash!!!! When I saw it I ran to the trash screaming “NOOOO! SHE DOESN’T KNOW YET! SHE DOESNT KNOW AMERICAN CANDY IS A DELICACY!!!!” I took them out of the trash and ate them. They were delicious.


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