Three Things You Only Hear…

Praia in the Dark Aug 2013
I made a list of things that you only hear in my mission.
1. “Oh great, the recent convert stabbed the investigator in the neck.”
2. “I want you to move your beds away from the wall and if anything bites you in the middle of the night, go straight to the hospital. Don’t call me first.”
3.  “Does your toilet flush or do you flush it with a bucket of water?”
So to explain the first one… that’s something Sister Payton actually told me. She worked in Praia so long that she started teaching the gang in Praia. She literally had the Praia gang go to a ward activity… where they played musical chairs. Unfortunately I guess there was some contention between two of them because one got stabbed in the neck. It’s cool though, he lived. Weirdly enough that same thing happened to one of our investigators. Go figure.
The second one… well…this last week we found out the new house has a centipede infestation. Sister Payton found one that was 5 inches long in her clothes on the ground. I went Rambo on it. With a broom. Centipedes are gross… and poisonous… hence the reason our mission president’s wife gave us those instructions. I think we got rid of them though cause we sprayed raid everywhere.
And the third one… well that’s just something you ask people… that’s not uncommon.

Back in Praia

So I’m finally back in Praia. I just got home yesterday. I wasn’t only supposed to be there for 3 days but ended up staying for 2 weeks. It was fun but I only had 3 days worth of clothes so that was unfortunate…

I was sick the entire time I was there… I think there was still something wrong with the water filter. My comp and I spent more time in the bathroom than in lessons.  It was unfortunate.  But I still had a lot of fun!  Sister Payton is hilarious.
So other than being sick and battling centipedes the week was semi normal. we taught some lessons… and sweated.
I missed one of my baptisms while I was away from my area which was a bummer… but we have 2 more this Saturday so I look forward to that.  Plus we’re planning a few weddings. Yay!
It’s good to be home but now I miss the other area. I can’t win. I’m hoping to really step things up this transfer. I’ll probably be training next transfer so I really need to get good at the language and… well.. everything else. ~
August is hot as all get out here. you can literally feel the sun burning your skin. September is rainy season though! Apparently the streets completely flood here so that will be interesting.

No Reading!

Lindsay Harry Potter Aug 2013
I cannot believe how much I miss reading! I think I actually miss it as much as movies! I didn’t get to finish Alyssa’s book or Mom’s book before I left so sometimes I just sit there like “I wonder what the end was like…” It’s horrible! But the good news is I get back in the winter which means I can make hot chocolate and curl up on the couch for hours just reading. I look forward to that. I found a portuguese harry potter and I wanted to die.

Missionary life is hard but SO important. I wish everyone could serve a mission because you just grow so much and really understand the importance of the gospel. Definitely the best decision I ever made. 

miss you all!

One thought on “Three Things You Only Hear…

  1. Sorry you had such a rough week. Lots of challenges. You have such a wonderful attitude about everything. Your blogs are a joy to read. Not much happening here. We’re still having an exodus of families from our ward. Praying The Lord sends us some strong families. Hope we can reactivate some too. It’s been hot here but I’m sure it’s not as hot as it is there. Hope you have a wonderful week.
    Love, sister hall

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