Island Hop

Lindsay hot shower aug 2013Well this week I actually have more adventures than I can write about. I think I reported last week that my companion was made the sister leader in the area and that we had a big meeting to go to last Tuesday. A lot of sisters came in and stayed at our house because our house is basically the headquarters of the mission for the sisters. Along with all those sisters came Sister Webb, my last companion! It was great to see her.

We went to the meeting and for lunch we were driven to a super fancy restaurant that looked over the ocean. We drank soda out of wine glasses and were served half a chicken each. Literally. They killed 15 chickens just for our group. Lindsay and dessert

So that was cool. Then they brought out some delicious ice cream. Yum. After lunch Sister Webb had to go to a dentist appointment because she had a cavity. Bummer. The meeting was really long… and didn’t finish until 5 or 6. Around that time Sister Webb came back with a solemn look on her face. Apparently the dentist decided it would be a good idea to drill a giant hole in her tooth to fix the problem. Also the nurse messed up the numbing shot and hit a nerve. They then told her she would need a root canal to fix that problem. Our mission president then called her and her companion, and me and my companion into his office. He explained that Sister Webb would need to stay in Praia until she could get the problem fixed. He then looked at me and told me I would go back to her island with her companion and serve there until she could go back. So at 5AM the next morning I hopped on a plane and flew to another island. And I’m still here… not sure when Im going back but I think it will be soon.

It’s SO different here. It looks like europe… but with black people and palm trees. I felt like I was in a different country. There are a lot of portuguese people here. Some of them have like a caramel color skin, dark curly hair, and super light green eyes. Its crazy looking.

new island aug 2013

So as if thats not crazy enough for one week it just so happens that this is the week that these sisters are moving houses. I havent felt like a missionary this entire week because its been a crazy week of trying to get contracts filled out and things moved.

How to Move Cape Verde Style

Moving houses was a pain and I’m really glad I’ve moved so many times or that would not have gone as smoothly. Also they don’t have moving trucks here… you just flag down a pickup truck on the side of the road and ask if you can give them like 800 escudos ($10) to help you move. their idea of what you can fit in a pickup truck was very different from ours. For some reason they thought it was perfectly fine to put two mattresses on an upright refrigerator with a table on top of that. I wish I had a picture of it cause I can’t believe we all survived. There was also two cabinets (one of which was hanging of the side of the truck), a lot of grocery bags of stuff, us and two elders crammed back there. The driver completely passed the house and what does he do? A three point turn? No, he just turns around and drives on the sidewalk all the way back to the house. Crazy Cabo Verdeans…
The house is SO nice. It looks like a fancy new york loft. Unfortunately we got there and the oven and stove didn’t work, and there was no washing machine. And it has cockroaches. Cockroaches here are HUGE. My companion found one on her back the first night we slept there. But it has hot water! I TOOK A HOT SHOWER! I seriously felt like royalty.
I got there and the next morning I got sick. Apparently Sister Webb and Sister Payton have been sick this entire last transfer and haven’t known why. I told them to check their water filter which is comprised of 3 tubes. The first two looked pretty normal but when we looked at the third we realized that someone had put the wrong filter in there. We looked up what that part filters out and I kid you not, the description was “filters out bacteria, viruses, and parasites.” So I have no idea what I drank but I am slowly recovering from that.
We also locked ourselves out of our house yesterday and man climbed up a ladder and into our window to open our door while a drunk man held the bottom of the ladder.
There are so many crazy things that have happened this week…I can’t even remember them all. By the time we locked ourselves out of the house I just started laughing uncontrollably because it has been the most ridiculous week.
I hope everyone is doing well and keep emailing me cause I love hearing from you!
-Sister Sharp

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