Lo and Maria Are Baptized

Lindsay - Awake Doodle


So this week we also had divisions. I stayed in my area and was paired with a sister from Angola. She cracks me up. we were at a Loja (store) and I was resting my arm on the counter. Sister Mohangueno looked over at me then with a face of terror she pointed at my elbow and said “QUE ISSO?!” (what is that) I looked down at my elbow and there was a giant half dead insect stuck to my elbow trying to flap its wings away to freedom. I laughed so hard.


a baby threw up on my foot…

Lindsay - Little girl who holds her hand

Oh and I had a burger and fries at some restaurant. It almost tasted like american food. Unfortunately that restaurant gave  us all some kind of food poisoning. I woke up at like 4 in the morning like hmmm I dont feel well then went back to sleep. That was about it for me. The other sisters didnt take it so well… bummer.

Here’s a picture of a little girl that holds my hand whenever she walks with us. Little girls really like me here.

Maria and Lo Are Baptized

We had two baptisms!!!! Maria and Lo. I love them both. Lo is the one that we just met like 2 weeks ago and she was like BAPTIZE MEH. so we did. shes awesome. then we had Maria who is the mother of the first person I baptized. and He got to baptize his mom! so awesome! After the baptism Maria was crying and thanking us for helping her find her way to Christ which was so sweet. She one of the most giving people I’ve ever met.

Lindsay Maria and Lo Baptism


One thought on “Lo and Maria Are Baptized

  1. Your success is so exciting. The Gospel truly is rolling forth to every nation. The people seem so humble and ready for the truth. Be safe,
    love, sister hall

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