Lindsay Sister Yerman and NeliceNelice is 14 and so sweet. She loves talking to us and the lessons. She not only listens well to the lessons but she reads the pamphlets multiple times, reads and marks her scriptures everyday, and she has a notebook where she copies down the questions from the pamphlets and answers them. SHES 14. Unfortunately her mom won’t let her be baptized. We’re working with her mom and trying to gain her trust so hopefully all will go smoothly. She gave us a note the other day telling us how she would never forget the teaching we gave her and how she was sure she would see us in the celestial kingdom. The member who was teaching with us cried

Mario and His Family

Well I had a really good week. Hard but good. My investigators are awesome. That family I talked about last time is amaaazing. Mario was the first to be baptized and we are now teaching 7 of his relatives. One is scheduled to be baptized this Saturday! yay!


Around a week ago we randomly met a girl named Lo. She is 18 and was really quiet when we first met here. I didn’t think she would progress but of course we kept visiting her. So we gave her the first lesson and invited her to go to church and she actually went. The next time we went to teach her she told us she wanted to be a missionary too and be baptized. WHAT.  she has crazy faith. We set a baptism date for her and the next time we taught her she asked if we could move her baptism date to this saturday instead of 2 weeks from now. So crazy! So now we have the job of teaching her all the commandments in one week. Challenge accepted.

Lesson Distractions

LIttle brother mulanWe have tons more investigators who are awesome but there’s a few for you. Lessons can be awesome like that. They can also be really painful haha. You know that first scene in Mulan when the dad is praying for mulan and all the chickens fly in and hes just like “pleeeeaase. PLEEEEEASE HELP HER.” Yeah, that’s sometimes how I feel. There are dogs fighting outside, it’s 120 degrees in the house, the investigator is yelling to someone in another room in creole, and my companion just turned to me and said “Sister sharp would you like to explain Lehi’s vision.” (AS IF I KNOW HOW TO SAY GREAT AND SPACIOUS BUILDING) and I’m just sitting there praying in my head like “pleeeeease. PLEEEEEEEEAAAASE HELP ME.”

Splash Zone

So the baptisms here are always exciting. A lot of people are afraid of water here. Sister Yerman was telling me they had an investigator who wouldn’t let go of the bishops neck who was baptizing her so he just dunked himself and her in the water. The one last week was funny cause the member who was doing the baptism dunked the person super fast and violent. I’m pretty sure there was a splash zone.
Lindsay Sister Yerman on a hill
well thats all I’ve got for you guys! I hope you have a great week.

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