The Wedding Planner

Wedding picSo interesting thing about being a missionary here. We’re also the ward missionaries and we’re in charge of getting people married. There are so many couples here that live together and have kids together and accept the gospel but need to get married. so we help them with that.

Oh! so if you remember the first email I sent I talked about a guy named Mario we baptized. He’s really awesome. Well now we’re teaching his mom, two of his brothers, and a sister-in-law. Well we talked with the one brother and his girlfriend and we asked them if they would get married and they agreed. right there. so now were helping plan their wedding. YAYYYY WEDDINGGGG!

My Comp – Sister Yerman

Sister Yerman is a quiet no nonsense missionary which is probably a good thing for me. there’s a lot of silence between us because when I say stuff she always responds with “mmm”
“Man its extra hot out today!”
“That rice was way good”
She really is a great missionary though. Ive learned a lot from her.

The Sound of Music

CELINEPeople here like to listen to american music, but sometimes it’s not even good american music. We were teaching a lesson to a 14 year old girl and suddenly super loud the person next door starts playing Celine Dion. So Im trying to listen to the girl but all I can hear is “CAUSE IM YOUR LAAAAADYYYYYYYYY! AND YOU ARE MY MAAAAAAAAAN!” with that corny 90s synth. I almost started laughing in the lesson.

Note to Self

I’m reading my notes of stuff to write down to say in my email and it says “I’m still the stupid American” I think that’s pretty self explanatory.
My portuguese is improving but now Im starting to get english and portuguese words mixed up. Sometimes I accidentally say english words in a portuguese accent thinking its portuguese. last night in a lesson I was like  “nos respeitamos nossos corpos because sao….desculpa… porque sao um dom sagrado” embarrassing.


It’s still really hot here… but the rainy season is starting so it was cloudy the other day which was really nice. I cant wait for the rain! Sometimes I think my legs are really tan but then I take a shower and realize theyre just dirty… bummer.

Well I think thats it for me this week. love you all!

-Sister Sharp


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