Hot News


This is a picture of me wearing my african dress, with an african banana, and crazy african hair. AFRIKER.


Hey newsflash everyone. Africa is hot. who knew. Seriously I’m covered in sweat ALL THE TIME. It’s pretty gross.

You’re Grounded!

So my second week was good and long. I feel like I’ve been here forever. It was a good week though. We got 8 new investigators which is good. Unfortunantely we were supposed to have a baptism for a girl named Nadia but her mom (who is a member) didn’t let her get baptized for misbehaving… talk about harsh punishment. some parents ground their children, others delay their eternal salvation. well were working with her and hopefully she will be baptised this week.


The langage is slowly coming. I can understand a lot more now and I teach a decent amount of the lessons. Though I don’t think they actually understand what im saying. ah well. I don’t understand what people are saying when they talk fast. or in creole.

We were in the middle of a lesson and the lady we were teaching started talking really fast and loud. I thought that she was just sharing her testimony really enthusiastically so I was just smiling and nodding, pretending I knew what she was saying. Alas. She was verballing abusing her children. Muh bad. Oh and then I almost starting laughing which would have been really bad. I couldnt help it though. She was spewing out all these african words and she chucked a pillow across the room that landed in a flower pot and one of the flowers was all like derrrp and crumpled over.

HissThen the voice of Hiss from the old robin hood popped in my head saying “oh now look what youve done, youve broken your mothers flower”. I almost lost it.

There are some weird things that go on in our lessons. a lot of people cant afford to buy diapers so their babies are just naked. One of our investigators was holding her baby on her lap and he peed on her in the middle of the lessons. which also splattered on my companions foot. LOLZ.

Girl Power

Women here are no joke! they are not delicate flowers. we saw a hurking lady walk out in her bra carrying a cabinet then she just tore the thing to pieces with her bare hands and chucked it in the garbage. AFRICAN XENA WARRIOR PRINCESS.

The Food

so I still havent had to eat at a members house yet but I almost had to last night! a less active member brought all this food out after we taught and was telling us to eat. my companion said to me in english “last time we ate her my companion got really sick” I was like NOOOOOOOO so she told the lady I couldnt eat cause I had gas. HAHA. win. she took one for the team and ate the food. She doesnt really get sick cause she grew up in mexico so she used to it.
the food here isnt bad. Im in praia so we have a lot of normal food. we eat a lot of rice and beans but its good. I have a serious cookie addiction. I eat like 15 at a time. Its out of control. Im like angelica from rugrats. the fruit here is crazy good. mangos are delicious.

Lindsay the Prophet

Oh yeah we met a guy on the street named bruno who was playing some game. He told us he lost the last round and we were like “oh dont worry im sure youll win the next one” then we marked to teach him that night. So we start teaching him and half way through the lesson he was like “oh I already know your church is true” in surprise we asked how he knew and he replied “you told me I would win the next game and I did!” He thinks were like prophets or something. But we told him to pray about it and he agreed to get baptized. WIN.

Well I could probably talk about the weird stuff we see everyday but I think that will do for now. Have a great week everyone!
-Sister Sharp

Someone Really Misses Her Aunt Lindsay

Lindsay and LiliAlyssa wrote:

We were looking at a picture from her (Lilianna’s birthday) party last year, and she said, “Look at how pretty Lindsay is! I want Lindsay back. Can I have Lindsay back now?”


3 thoughts on “Hot News

  1. Hey Lindsay. I so enjoy reading about your experiences. I think of you each day and pray for you each morning. Sounds like you’re finding success. We are seeing the results of a ward fast. 3 baptisms and 3 taking the discussions. Have a great week.
    Love you
    Sister hall

  2. Hi Lindsay,
    Love your posts. What a wonderful experience you’re having and it’s great that you can laugh at everything. We were in South Africa last week for a safari at Kruger National Park so we were once again on the same continent for least at a week : )
    I think you’re an awesome missionary!

    Sue Schmidt

  3. Oh, one more thing…my brother Jared Southwick served in Cape Verde about 20 years ago but back then it was part of the Portuguese Mission.

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