Colorful Cabo Verde


well im here! This place is crazy. I dont even know where to start. Ill start with the travel there. We left monday morning for the airport and the travel went really smoothly. The airplane wasnt sketchy at all. As it turns out only the planes that go island to island are sketchy and since i serve in praia i didnt have to travel anywhere. we were the only white people on the plane. haha I tried speaking portugese to one person which was pretty awful and after a minute of me trying to figure out what i was trying to say the lady was like “uh… you can speak english”. embarrassing.

we were all so tired from the 27 hours of travel that we were barely conscious. so after we ate we went to our apartments and i went straight to a lesson with an investigator. that was a culture shock. i still dont understand anything anyone says. especially when people speak creole. creole just sounds like an african language. ill learn it eventually but i just focus on portuguese for now.

Lindsay and First Baptism

I had my first baptism on saturday!!!! It was so good. he was actually the first person I taught when I got there my first day. His name is Mario. His mom was never super interested in the church but she came to the baptism and actually cried when he was baptised which was sweet. afterwards I asked how he felt and he said “lev, sento lev” gesturing to his chest. (which means light, I feel light) an overall cool experience.

The Houses

most of the houses here are just 1 room with cement walls and a dirt floor. some dont have all the walls. many dont have doors. also the houses are hotter than the outside. the only house ive been in with air conditioning is our mission presidents.

Third World

haha ok so this is definitely a third world country. Its exactly what you think a third world country would be like but smells worse… and dirtier. people pee in buckets then dump them in the streets. its pretty gross. our apartment has a bathroom though! since we live in praia we always have other sister staying with us for conferences and stuff. they take up all the hot water! …LOLLLLZZZZZ just kidding we dont have hot water. we just take cold bucket showers. I havent gotten used to that yet.
we also have to bleach our fruits and veggies and we can only drink purified water. I havent had to eat at a members house yet but I might have to tonight. not looking forward to the after effects of that.
so putting all that aside this place is great. the people are so welcoming and patient with me. they love my hair. little girls will just play with it when I teach. african babies are SO cute. I dont speak a lot in our lessons but I usually teach part or share my testimony. I know my portuguese is really bad but when i talk the people always listen really intently and encourage me which is great.

One thought on “Praia!

  1. WOW!! What an experience. To be truly immersed in a different culture can be an eye opening experience. Soak it up. You may use the knowledge gained by this experience at some future time in your life. That seems to be how the Lord prepares us for things to come. At least that’s what I’ve noticed in my own life. I love the imagery of the little girls playing with your hair. Soft, shiny and golden. Just like your spirit.
    Aunt Charlotte

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