Truth In Advertising

Lindsay will be leaving the MTC on the 24th (but she still likes to get letters!) She is having a lot of fun experiences learning to teach and navigating the language.

We taught a member today without using any notes. It was a full 20 minute lesson about the Restoration in complete Portuguese. The guy was super nice. He wrote on our evaluation sheet that me and my companion really invite the spirit, that he was impressed with how much we knew after only 2 weeks, and that he felt more inspired to share the gospel. That made us feel awesome! Although we were talking about our mission to him and my companion meant to say “estamos multo animado” (we are very excited) and said “estamos multo amadar” (we are very amateur). The guy just started cracking up.


She also says that missionaries continue to flood into the MTC.

The MTC is PACKED right now. They opened the west campus so it bigger but we still get around 900 new missionaries every week. The cafeteria and laundry room get intense.

Lindsay MTC June 14



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