Find Lindsay

Lindsay told us she would be in the Missionary Leadership Conference so I scoured the 1,000 member choir to find her on the night of the broadcast. I was unsuccessful. When the broad cast became available online I tried again and Lo and Behold!! We found her!Image

We received a phone call from her on Monday between flights which was really fun. She got to talk to Ethan and Brandon for a while which was awesome. We enjoyed hearing from her–she already sounds like a missionary! I know she’s going to do great.

She sent us a quick email:

Hey guys! just want you to know im here in praia right now. the flight went really well. its absolutely beautiful here and my mission president and his wife are so nice. they say hi and give their love. i cant reallywrite about my day because we dont have a pday but i will give you a good detailed update next week. i love you all and look forward to hearing from you. tchau!

Goodbye MTC!

Lindsay will be leaving the MTC Monday morning. She’ll fly out to Boston, have a ridiculously long layover and then go straight to Praia, Cape Verde.

Since she has been in the MTC for a whopping five weeks she’s an old-timer. She met Sister Seaman, who says her family has recently moved to Downingtown!

Wednesday was a crazy day! My district got to host which was awesome. For those of you that dont know what that is it just means we were the people standing in front of the MTC that help the new missionaries with their luggage and help them get situated in the MTC. I feel so old. One of the girls I hosted said her family is moving into the downingtown ward this week which was super random and awesome. Her name was Sister Seaman so if you see her family tell them she says hi.

Everyone at the MTC is getting ready for the Sunday missionary broadcast. She’ll be singing in the choir, which is awesome!!

Sunday we practiced for the big global broadcast thats happening this Sunday. It should be pretty cool but the room is so big that by the time the organ sound reaches us it sounds like were singing at the wrong tempo which is kind of trippy. Its supposed to be a really cool meeting though so make sure youre all watching it. You can watch it on the BYU channel or online. Look for me!


She is going through her last few classes and some review to get her ready.

Yesterday we had in field orientation. this is basically 10 hours of us sitting and listening to people review what we already learned because all of the english speakers who leave after a week dont know this stuff. Me and my A.D.D. went cray-cray.


Im going to be in Africa in 3 days. GAHHHH. well I love you all and love hearing from you. wish me luck!!!
-Sister Sharp

Truth In Advertising

Lindsay will be leaving the MTC on the 24th (but she still likes to get letters!) She is having a lot of fun experiences learning to teach and navigating the language.

We taught a member today without using any notes. It was a full 20 minute lesson about the Restoration in complete Portuguese. The guy was super nice. He wrote on our evaluation sheet that me and my companion really invite the spirit, that he was impressed with how much we knew after only 2 weeks, and that he felt more inspired to share the gospel. That made us feel awesome! Although we were talking about our mission to him and my companion meant to say “estamos multo animado” (we are very excited) and said “estamos multo amadar” (we are very amateur). The guy just started cracking up.


She also says that missionaries continue to flood into the MTC.

The MTC is PACKED right now. They opened the west campus so it bigger but we still get around 900 new missionaries every week. The cafeteria and laundry room get intense.

Lindsay MTC June 14


Called to Serve

Lindsay was called to the Cape Verde Praia mission, which she did not know how to pronounce. After a long five month wait, she reported to the Provo MTC on May 17, 2013.

IMG_0517She said goodbye to her brothers in the wee hours of the morning before her flight took off.

She missed her first flight out of Philadelphia and was unable to call to let us know because shehad no phone! She was able to get another flight and arrived in Utah.Airplane-Clip-Art-Free

She stayed with Uncle Aaron and Aunt Stephanie over night and they drove her to the MTC the next day.

Lindsay at the MTC

Her MTC companion, Sister Webb.

100_0723 (1)

…and the other sisters in her district.

100_0701 (1)

And the Elders too!


She had this to say about her district:

Our days here are pretty similar but were a goofy bunch so we keep ourselves pretty entertained. My district is like my second family. We do everything together.

100_0710 (1)

She does a lot of studying, both learning Portuguese and how to be a missionary!



She shared this anecdote about role playing as a missionary.

the other day were were teaching investigators and two of the elders were in the room teachers. Now just some background our investigators are actually our teachers who pretend to be an investigator they had on their missions. So were all waiting outside the room and we just hear a lot of laughter and they came out of the room and explained the following. They were teaching about prayer and asked the investigator to pray. When the investigator said “sure can I pray my way?” they elders were like sure! why not! so the investigator closes is eyes, raised his hands in the air, starts yelling random noises and puts his hands on their forheads while yelling these weird sounds and shaking their forheads. Needless to say our 22 year old teacher couldnt keep a straight face while doing his prayer. Moral of the story, teach your investigators to pray before they offer the prayer.