Fetch the Water

Sister missionaries carrying buckets of water

Getting water–Cabo Verdean style.

This week was pretty exciting. We ran out of water on Monday which is pretty normal, but it didn’t come back Tuesday so we got a little concerned. After talking with our landlord we found out some people had shut off our water instead of refilling it! On top of that, they told us no one could come by with a water truck until Friday. By Wednesday we had run out of our water storage, the dishes were A MESS, and we smelled just awful. We made some calls and decided the only thing we really could do was go Cabo Verdean by going to a well with buckets, filling them up, and carrying them back on our heads. Lesson of the week. WATER IS HEAVY. Even while steadying the buckets with our hands they were really hard to balance. I have a much greater respect for women that carry stuff on their heads now.


Priesthood Blessing Miracle

We saw a cool miracle this week too. We got a call from a member asking if we could come over to his house cause he needed help. We were in a village a few miles away but I felt like we should still go. When we got there the other sisters were there too. they said they felt that they should stop by. Valter, the member, was sitting at the table in tears, with a cloth over his mouth. Apparently he had an awful tooth ache. The tooth needed to be pulled out but he wouldn’t have the money for it until next week. So the only option he had was to just be in horrible pain for a week. We called some priesthood holders to come give him a blessing while feeling slightly helpless. We decided we would just sing him some hymns to calm him down. They took FOREVER to get there but by the time they got there he was 10 times calmer just from listening to hymns. Then they gave him a blessing and that was that. The next morning we saw him looking chipper walking around the park. We asked him how we was doing and he said “I’m great! That blessing was awesome!” I love seeing the blessings of the priesthood. So cool!

Well everyone I love you lots and am keeping you in my prayers!
-Sister Sharp

King Burger!!

Lindsay Mission Llamas March 2014

Llamas! Or some kind of furry animal…

Oh man this week was a lot of fun!

SISTER WEBB CAME TO BRAVA FOR THE WHOLE WEEK! The week went by so fast. We did divisions all week. I did divisions in the other sisters area on Brava and we had to literally hike up a mountain above the clouds to get to the village. It was SO beautiful up there.
Once again I’m currently in Praia. I think I spend more time on a boat than in my own area. I’m here for another leadership conference which is always intense because I feel so under qualified sitting there with all the zone leaders and APs.
Today was a blast. We traveled all morning to get to Praia but once we got here we went to King Burger (no not Burger King, King Burger) and ate some sketchy cabo verdean burgers.
Lindsay Mission Drums March 2014Then we went to Sukupira which is a giant african market. We were checking out some sweet drums when a guy walked up to us and started teaching us african beats. Then we started a 3 man drum line and all these kids came out of no where and started dancing to our music. So fun! The guy got so into it he spit his cigarette out. WIN FOR THE WORD OF WISDOM.
Oh yeah and this morning on the plane I started conversation with the guy next to me who was from Spain. After talking a bit I asked him if he had a religion to which he responded “I don’t believe in God, I believe in science.” I then asked him if he had any questions about life and he said he had a ton. I invited him to ask them and we had a long conversation from topics like God having a physical body to modern day prophets. It was really cool!. He didn’t want missionaries to pass by or anything but funny enough he said he agreed with everything we believed and seemed pretty intrigued with everything.
Preaching the gospel is so awesome. I love you all and hope you have a great week!
Sister Sharp

On a Mountain, Under The Blankets


This was our quick email from Lindsay this week:

Sorry I can’t write much this week. I’m currently sitting on the top of a little mountain under a blanket. The church’s internet wasn’t working so we’re at a member’s house.
I love you lots!!!!
-Sister Sharp

But we got this awesome little note in the mail, so that’s a bonus:


She also said this about all the snow we’ve had in the states this winter:


Back on the Boat

Lindsay Mission March 2 Fogo Stock

Last week flew by from good lessons and a lot of stress. A LOT of stress haha.
I got a call from our zone leaders saying I’m the new sister leader on Brava and that I’m supposed to go to a meeting in Praia for all the zone leaders and sister leaders. ARRRRRRRG.
So I’m currently in Fogo waiting to go to the airport to go to Praia. I took a boat this morning which might have been the worst hour of my life. I don’t normally get motion sickness but the boat was rocking so much I almost barfed. I locked myself in the bathroom for most of it because the seat I was sitting in was surrounded by people throwing up.
Lindsay Mission March 2 Back on the Boat
Mom note: Lindsay wrote a little more about the boat ride in an email to me. She said: “They were all throwing up so casually too! plastic bag in one hand just watching tv and throwing up like it’s no big deal. I have a feeling they spend a lot of time on boats.”
On top of that I have to stay in Fogo for the whole week because there’s a zone meeting Saturday so they didn’t see any point in sending me back to Brava for 2 days. Week of work gone. My poor comp Sister Ellsworth is stuck in Brava for a week doing splits with members everyday.

On the bright side I’m really liking Brava. It’s really stressful but the people are great and it’s beautiful. It’s a lot of work being in such a small area but it’s also really rewarding. We have the opportunity to completely change the branch if we’re willing to work hard. Which we are.

Mom Note: Lindsay wrote to her Dad about responsibility: “I thought I was responsible (before my mission) because I could take care of myself. As it turns out, responsibility as a missionary is being able to take care of yourself, 35 investigators, all your recent converts, and all the less actives in your area. I still have a lot to learn but I’ve already learned a lot.”

One of my favorite investigators is Cubano. ‘Cause he’s from Cuba. He doesn’t speak Portuguese. Just Spanish. So we teach him in Portuguese and he talks to us in Spanish. We understand each other surprisingly well. He’s awesome though. He reads the Book of Mormon like a champion and has been going to church every sunday. Unfortunately he’s going back to Cuba for a month so he can’t get baptized yet. He’s probably one of the nicest people I’ve met in Cabo Verde.

It Wasn’t Me

Sister Ellsworth and I were walking on the road when we saw someone who had recently lied to us drive past. Sister Ellsworth jokingly said “Why did you lie to us!” Right after she said it a random guy crossing a crosswalk gave us a paranoid stare and started saying “No…no!…….NO!” He continued walking but kept looking back at us with a really worried expression saying “No!”

I have no idea what he was up to.

Have a great week!

-Sister Sharp

Brava–Em Inglês

Hey everyone!!!

Lindsay MIssion Feb 2014 Brava Island Map

So I’m finally here in Brava and it’s great!!! I survived the boat here. Thankfully I didn’t get sick. But I did almost get thrown out of my chair ’cause it was rocking so hard.
It’s super green here. and freezing. By freezing I mean in the 60′s and 70′s. I’m still dying though haha.
I’m now companions with Sister Ellsworth who is super nice. She also shares a lot of the nerdy interests I do, like Zelda, Lord of the Rings, and Harry Potter. SCORE.
Lindsay Mission Feb 2014 Brava Comp
So there’s currently a guy fixing our sink in our house  because my first day here I broke our sink. oops.
We have some awesome investigators here even though we only have like 15 which is a weird change cause I’m used to having 40-50. The ones we do have are solid though. I’m really enjoying teaching them.

Hair Cut

I cut my comp’s hair today. Mullet is a strong word.

From Boston

So something about Brava. Half the people here are ex-convicts from America that got deported here. So a lot of them speak english… with a Boston accent. I felt like I was in a weird dream the first couple days here. I also had to teach a lesson in English which was unfortunate. He asked me to say the opening prayer and I was like “uhhh…. Heavenly Father…. Thanks for today… and um… for this time… and help us be… better… e nos-er we uh…” anyway it was really embarrassing.
Love you all!
-Sister Sharp

Zone Conference

Hey everyone!
We had a great week that started with Zone Conference which is always awesome. Everyone always nervously anticipates the scripture game. Basically The AP´s call on you and say something like 4th lesson 8th point and you have to say a scripture for that point. I think theres like 45 of them. Plus the articles of faith… I dont know theres a lot. Memorizing that many scriptures in a different language is harder than you would think… anyway I survived.
Ivan quote of the week”

me “Ivanildo you have been saying youll get baptized for 3 weeks now”
him “Thats a long time”
me “and youre still not baptized”
him “Thank goodness I havent died”
It took everything I had not to laugh.
We are now preparing Fica, who I have been teaching since I was with Sister Willey.

She said she wants to get baptized now. YEAHHHH MIRACLES. We’re also preparing Carlita, who we just started teaching last week.
I currently have cornrows… Im almost African. This is me and my friend Dilma who did my hair.

The Lost Boys


The best part of this week was BY FAR when we started teaching, wait for it, THE LOST BOYS. I’m not even kidding. We had some references from a member and when we went to go teach them we stood in the street, not sure where to find them–then out of a dark corner some young men came out and introduced themselves. When we asked to sit down and talk to them they agreed and showed us where they lived. Then as we were walking, more and more people just kept coming out of the dark corner. There was us, and 11 young men, and one young girl (she’s our Wendy). When we got to the house it was, I kid you not, a tiny house with MINIATURE chairs. So we sat on the little chairs and they all sat on the ground around us listening to the story of the restoration. Then, if that isn’t awesome enough, the next day we wanted to take the lost boys to a church activity. We went to the same street but only found one of them there. We asked where the rest were, and he did a special whistle. Then from one street down we heard the same whistle. Then from the other streets surrounding us we heard the whistle several times. A few seconds later people started showing up from every direction until they were all surrounding us. And that’s how we took the Lost Boys to a church activity.
This week we’re working with a guy named Ivan who cracks me up. He says snarky things but in a completely sincere way. The other day he brought a friend named… well.. actually I’m not sure how to say his name but I call him Chimichango. Anyway they had the following conversation.
Chimichango: “Hey, can I say something?”
Ivan: “Yeah, of course man.”
Chimichango: “I’d just like to thank you all for this lesson and-”
Ivan: “Ok, ok, save that for the closing prayer.”
hahahaha I don’t know why I found that so funny but I was dying.
Sometimes my mission feels like a long movie.
Hope you all have an amazing week!
-Sister Sharp


The Water Story

(This is a story I sent Lindsay about the Great Pipe Freeze of 2014)

I came home from work and learned the water wasn’t working in the kids’ bathroom–there was ice all around the bathtub drain as well. I called Dad and we agreed that putting some heat on the bathroom pipes and running the water would help thaw out the pipes. Within minutes we had water coming out of the bathtub faucet, which was great. Brandon went downstairs to get something and suddenly started yelling that there was water coming down from the ceiling in the living room.
I ran downstairs and water was pouring from the vent in the corner. So I ran into the kitchen and got the biggest pot I have. He had to stand on a chair and put it on top of the china cabinet. He said it was filling up too fast and he would need a bigger bucket. I scooped up a 5 gal paint bucket we had in garage and he put that on top the cabinet while I ran upstairs. The vent was directly under the bathtub so I figured all the water from the bathtub was draining downstairs.

***WARNING: I’m obviously not a plumber. Or someone who knows anything about where water in the house comes from********
So I grabbed a mixing bowl from the kitchen and started scooping the water out of the bathtub, yelling down from the balcony at Brandon as I ran, “Has the water stopped running?”

No. Of course not. I then decided that I needed to plug up the bathtub. I ran downstairs to get…a tupperware lid. I shoved the tupperware lid down on the bathtub drain but it kept floating up so I clamped it down with my hand, yelling down to Brandon, “Has the water stopped running?”
No. Of course not. Then I realized that the bathtub has plug already. So I flipped it up. “Has the water stopped running?”
No. Of course not. Finally it dawned on me that it wasn’t coming from the tub. We had a burst pipe. I needed to shut off the water. Feeling ridiculous, I ran down to the basement and called Dad. By now Brandon was on his second 5 gallon bucket.
As Dad described the water main, I was imagining this giant wheel that I would have to turn, like we were on a submarine and we were all going down. “CAPTAIN NEMO!! THE NAUTILUS IS DOOMED! WE NEED MORE MEN ON THIS WHEEL!” It turned out to the this little blue knob. Pretty anticlimactic.
So the house survived my pots, tupperware lid and trips from the bathtub with my mixing bowl.
Oh man that water story was hilarious. Here it’s pretty normal to wake up and not have water. Now instead of going WE DON’T HAVE WATER. WE NEED TO GO TO A HOTEL! I’m more like dang we don’t have water. We’re going to smell bad today.
I love your updates!!!!! I also get random emails from parents whose kids are going to cabo verde cause they read my blog haha. good work! love you mom!!!
We had a baptism! Patricia was finally baptized! actually she’s sitting next to me. There’s a huge market in Tarrafal right now and she wanted to go shopping with us. Anyway, were just hanging out with Patricia today which has been a lot of fun. I bought some cool african jewelry which, as it turns out, does not make me look African. Just touristy.
The subject of this email is Nhos Txiga cause theres a guy outside yelling that trying to get people to buy his shoes. It’s creole for come here.
Oh yeah I started an english class which is way fun! I feel really intelligent when I’m not the one stumbling over my words. Hopefully that class will help us get to know the members better so we can start working with them more.
Love you all!
-Sister Sharp

Lindsay, Full of Grace

This week was surprisingly slow but probably just because of Christmas. 
I got to skype my family!!!!! It was really awesome and I was so glad to see them.
Unfortunately that was pretty much the only highlight of that week. The work was rough. One guy actually said he would never change and that he didn’t want to talk to us. WHAT ARE WE IN EUROPE OR SOMETHING?
Thankfully we did have a baptism. Her name is Da. We could only teach her once a week, at church, cause she lives outside our area but there are no missionaries where she lives. IN THE MOUNTAINS. She’s super quiet and doesn’t show a lot of emotion but she’s sweet.
haha best moment of that week. So Da doesnt really talk and on the day of her baptism she just kind of quietly showed up and didnt say anything. As we were leaving the church to find a truck to go to the ocean for the baptism she was quietly walking behind everyone and someone joked “What? You don’t want to go?” We all gave a little laugh and then turned back to walking to the truck. Then we just see someone BOLT past us towards the truck. We realized it was Da heroically sprinting to the truck and leaped in. We all started dying laughing. She didn’t even say anything. She just had a small smirk on her face. I love people like her hahaha.
On Christmas day we taught a few lessons but spent most of the time baking lots of treats to secretly leave on the door steps of our members. We’re not very good at being sneaking though. Mostly because everyone here hangs out in their doorways and I’m the only blonde person living in this town. At one point I was sure we hadn’t been seen and I quietly crawled toward the door then heard, “Come in, Sister.” FAIL. 
Oh man. Most embarrassing yet hilarious part of this week. My district (us and the two elders) were walking to lunch after our district meeting and we came across a ditch about 2 feet wide. The elders stepped over it like it was nothing and I went to do the same but PEOPLE. I FORGOT I WAS WEARING A TIGHT SKIRT. I got half way through the hop and my skirt said NOPE. I tried to recover the inevitable fall but between the stupid tight skirt and my side bag–that I detest–flailing and wrapping around my panicking arms I was like a mummy falling to my doom! I crashed to the ground but It doesn’t end there. THEN. My sidepack pulls me INTO the ditch as I clawed at the cement like NOOOOOO!. When I popped my head out of the ditch I looked up to see my companion, two elders, and a few tourist staring at me with horrified looks. I was by far the most ungraceful thing I’ve done on the mission. The elders later joked saying “The worst part was that we couldn’t even help you cause were elders. All we could do was be like “Hey, can we send some fruit snacks down there to help!”
Oh the grace of me.
Hope you all have a great week!
-Sister Sharp



Feliz Natal everyone!

I FLIPPIN LOVE CHRISTMAS. But I love Christmas more in the states. People just go out and party here. laaaame. It’s cool. We’re gonna have our own awesome Christmas. 
So! This week felt suprisingly long. But it was good! I’ve been fighting against my human nature to focus on the work and not think about Christmas. I succeeded no worries. We had more member present lessons than we’ve had in a while and we found 9 new investigators which is mais ou menos. 
We had two weddings this week which was kind of crazy. The second wedding was awesome! Our investigator J got married and baptized on Saturday! It was a really cute wedding. They both cried. She was just as excited about her baptism as her wedding which is what I like to see. 
As a side note, I was looking around at all the happy faces at the wedding. I thought “Wow, there are so many people here!!! Wow… I’m the only white person here…”
Also 4 minutes before the bride walked in we were informed my companion and I would be standing at the front singing as she walked in. Thanks for the heads up on that one. We pulled it together though no worries. The bride was either crying because she was so happy or because of our horrible singing. 
So other than that we’ve just been getting ready for Christmas day. Were going to go caroling and drop off presents at peoples’ houses and run for it. Should be a good time. 
Oh man, I totally forgot. That day of the first wedding when there was no power! It was because there was a HUGE storm that day. It seriously felt a hurricane! It might have been… but! We’re missionaries so we went out teaching haha. We trudged our way throught the shin-deep water to houses where no one was home all day. The wind was so insane we couldn’t use umbrellas so we were soaking wet and freezing the whole day. By 7 the storm was just getting worse. I had my broken, tattered umbrella wrapped around me like a poncho and my companion was just dead tired. I decided to call it quits cause I was afraid we would get sick and we headed home to our flooded house. yayyyy. It was actually one of the funniest days on my mission though. The whole thing was just so ridiculous.

Teaching Miracles

As always we are seeing miracles here in Cabo Verde. The Gospel is changing lives every day. I love my area and my investigators. The other day it was 8:40 at night and we were dead beat and ready to go home. I really wanted to be as diligent as possible so I told my companion we would go to the park and contact people for the last few minutes we had. Earlier that day we had talked with a young girl named E to teach her the second lesson but she never showed up. We had an awesome first lesson with her though. As we walked through the park my companion pointed to a bench and there was E sitting there! We walked over and had a mini lesson with her. She told us she went to the church to find us but didn’t see us. She also said she had prayed about the church and recieved an answer. We marked a baptismal date with her for the 11th. Miracles of diligence and promptings of the Spirit. 
Merry Christmas everyone!
-Sister Sharp