So. Much. Rain.

So if you ask anyone that lives here in Sal what the weather is like they’ll tell you it’s sunny, hot, and NEVER rains. Biggest joke of my life. Yesterday from morning until night it poured all day long. And guess who doesn’t have an umbrella. Yeah. This one.

So i trudged through the rain all day without an umbrella. All I had was a pano. Which is… like… a yard of fabric that people use for everything. But not umbrellas as it turns out cause everyone was looking at me like I was a crazy person. Soaking wet with a Cabo Verde flag on my head singing/yelling “There is Sunshine in my Soul Today”. I think we had like 8 members at church yesterday. One being Walter who we forced to come so that he could recieve the Holy Ghost.

Which reminds me. Walter was baptized! We worked with him every day this week to help him prepare and it actually went really smoothly. The day of his baptism was awesome. Haha. He fell into the baptismal font and baptized me and some other people with a huge wave of water. I commented to our ward mission leader quietly, “Why is the water salty?” And he responded, “Because it’s full of people’s old salty sins.” HAHA.

So other than that it was a pretty normal week. We were blessed for being troopers and going out in the rain cause a random guy named Kid walked up to us asking about our church. Apprently he’s looking for a religion and is new in the area. The Lord loves his missionaries.

haha random story. Last night we went to a members house to visit them and when they answered the door we were surprised to find they were all standing there in the entry way. They invited us in and we stood in the entry way making small talk. After a few minutes it got kind of silent and I was wondering if they were going to invite us inside so we could talk to them. Then the dad commented, “Uh… we don’t have chairs. We’ve just been standing all day.” HAHAHAHA! First time I couldn’t teach someone cause they didn’t have chairs.

Lindsay Mission September 2014 Sister Pina

Have a great week everyone!

-Sister Sharp

PS in the photo the order is me, Sister De Pina, Walter, and Jailson (member that baptized him)


Hey everyone!

Thanks for the birthday wishes!

Yesterday I made a delicious cake and forced my companion to sing happy birthday with me. I also finally opened mom’s birthday package she sent, which was full of delicious American candy and cute clothes. Don’t judge my cake. It’s ugly but it tasted delicious.

Lindsay 22 - mission - september 2014

Walter will be baptized this Saturday. We were a little worried for a bit ’cause he was still a little unsure if he would be prepared by the 20th, but on Saturday we had a rockin’ lesson with him. He was talking about all the problems he had and how down he felt so I handed him a piece of paper and told him to list 9 blessings he had in his life. You would think that would be pretty easy but he got to 5 and couldn’t think of anymore. I was like COME ON DUDE. So we sat and waiting as he thought. Once he got to 8 he gave up and just left the last spot empty. Then I explained to him that sometimes we  get so caught up in our own problems that we forget about all the blessings we have. He has a 2 year-old son so I related it to how he is a Dad. He works all day every day so that his son has food to eat and clothes to wear. When he comes home he spends his little free time with him. Does that 2 year old understand all the his dad does for him? No, he just kind of expects it. Then I explained how our relationship with God is the same. We cannot fully comprehend all the he does for us. Then Walter got a sad contemplative look on his face and said “I forgot to put God on the list”. It was kind of a wake up call for all of us. Then at the end of the lesson he told us that he likes to talk to us ’cause when he talks to us he feels like he’s talking to God. We were like well… it’s not us… it’s the Spirit. Then he said he would do everything in his power to do what God asks of him. So that was cool!

We had an activity on Saturday where we tied balloons to everyone’s feet and they had to pop other peoples balloons and protect their own. Turned out to be a lot of fun! The best part was seeing out middle-aged ward mission leader prancing around yelling “ATTAAACK! ATAAAAACK!”

I about died.

Well, I hope you all have a fantastic week!

-Sister Sharp

Who taught you?!


So this week went by fast like all the others. We’re working with really awesome investigator, Walter, right now. His parents were the first members on the island of Sao Vicent but are now inactive. So we want to help them, too. Walter is really prepared and actually wants to know the truth. He was totally blown away when we taught the plan of salvation. So was the member we taught with…

Walter: Wow I’m so amazed!!! I’ve never seen or heard of this before!

Member: Yeah me either!!!

Us: what the… who taught you?!


Anyway, this next week is going to be pretty crazy. I’ve got leadership counsel tomorrow in Praia with a member of the 70, a zone training, with the same 70, and then there’s like this all day beach activity on Saturday that we’re going to help with. Party week.


oh yeah! random cool story. As we were walking to an appointment we passed a guy and I felt like we should contact him so I was like “Boa tarde!” and he said nothing back. I was like, “Well then…” but I still walked up and started talking to him. Then he gestured that he was actually deaf. So Sister De Pina pulled out a pamphlet to see if he recognized the church and he got super excited! He started pointing in the direction of the church and we were like yeah! So we invited him to go to church. way cool!

anyway I hope you all have a great week! love you all!

-Sister Sharp

The Vineyard

Well we have officially entered transfer 11. Transfer calls were yesterday.. er… they were for everyone else. Somehow our house managed to stay the same. This is now Sister De Pina’s 5th transfer here. She will be in one area for almost 8 months. How she does it I don’t know.

Anyway, this week was good. Zinha was baptized and I just love her. All throughout the week when she said prayers she would say the most sincere prayers asking to be able to be baptized. Also… she’s ahead of me in the Book of Mormon and I started before her. Embarrassing on my part and impressive on hers.
Sister Zimbleman was with us for most of the week because her companion was still in Sao Vicente, so we were a trio for a while. It was a blast. There was one night were it was pretty dark and I saw something one the ground and I was like “Awwww look guys! is that a puppy or a kitten!?” I went up to pet it but it was a tin can. Awkward moment.
Reminds me of that one spongebob episode when old man jenkins runs into a pole and goes “Oh, sorry young lady! ….what a fox.” Hahaha!
Wednesday we had zone conference which was good and unusually short. I think the Mathews just wanted to get out of there cause the air conditioning was broken. The next day my thumb muscle was sore from fanning myself. 
I read Jacob 5 this week. you know, that SUPER long chapter about the vineyard and how the lord of the vineyard constantly has to chop down branches and burn them cause the trees keep going bad. Poor guy. Anyway. A couple day after reading that chapter one of my tomato plants went bad! it turned black and all the soil around it turned black. WHAT THE. I was like NOOOOO LET US GO DOWN TO THE VINYARD AND PLUCK THE WILD TOMATO PLANTS AND WE WILL CAST THEM INTO THE FIRE THAT THEY MUST BE BURNED! So yeah, I’m going to have to replant my tomatoes before they all die. 
Anyways, that’s what’s up this week.
-Sister Sharp

Dolphin Calls and Cockroach Wings

Hey guys!

This week we good and full of random things.


Sister Spolador, a Brazilian sister, was here for the week ’cause she was waiting to go to her island that she was transferred to. Have I mentioned that I love Brazilians? Seriously some of the funniest people I’ve ever met. So it was an entertaining week. Having her here was actually really convenient cause Sister Garcia went to a different island to get some dental work done on Sao Vicent. Yeah, a dentist in Cabo Verde. Pretty much makes you make the same face as when you see a toddler with a butcher knife.


Anyway, random moments from this week:

I dared my comp to pick up a cockroach which… she did… then threw it on me…Sister Spolador quickly tried to flick it off me but just flicked it into my face. We were laughing so hard. Then I looked down to see one of its wings was pasted to my sweaty arm. Now that’s just not right…

We no longer need to debate if Heavenly Father has a sense of humor. Yes. Yes he does. Want to know why? We didn’t have water in our house all week. HAVE I NOT SUFFERED ENOUGH?? Needless to say I can now survive in any conditions.

I’m ward choristor. which means every week I give 1 or 2 solos in front of everyone cause they don’t know many hymns. This week was especially entertaining cause I was giving one of my embarrassing solos but I started the hymn off way too high. So it wasn’t really singing but more of me practicing my dolphin call in front of the whole branch. Then I lost my place half way through and halfheartedly waved my hand around while mumbling with a confused face as if the song was still going… so that was nice.

As for the good news, we have awesome new investigators. Zinha is such a boss.  We’ve been teaching her for a few weeks now and she’s preparing to be baptized this week. She’s only been reading the Book of Mormon for 2 weeks and she’s already in Jacob. Such a boss.


It’s interesting to see the difference between investigators that read and that don’t. If they read, they’ll have a testimony and want to be baptized. Investigators that never read never really gain the testimony they need.


Hope you all have a great week!

-Sister Sharp


Hey everyone!

It was a great week here in Sal. You all wrote me about some new illness that’s spreading but Ill be honest… I haven’t heard anything about it. I also don’t watch the news so who knows. I guess it could be here.

Mom Note: She was talking about the Ebola outbreak, which we asked her about. Apparently not a threat on her islands. LOL. “Some illness” indeed.
Anyway. Tuesday we had leadership counsel and it was AWESOME. I just love the Mathews. Sister Mathews gave a stellar training on the gospel of Christ and how to teach it. I seriously think she’s given some of the best trainings/talks Ive ever heard. She talked specifically about repentance and what it means to repent. She said that repentance isn’t the reason we are cleaned from sin. It is just our access to using the atonement. You can’t pray sin away. She also used some great quotes by Elder Christofferson. One saying something like “when we repent we do not just abandon sin; we abandon the way of life we had and replace it with a Godly way of life.” So awesome and so true!

haha you guys remember my sand garden? So Sunday I did a fast to have more faith which was awesome and I definitely felt more uplifted afterwards. As I broke my fast I thought to myself “Now if I could just get my tomatoes to grow. Then I left to Praia for my conference. And ya know what. when I came back IT WAS A FULL BLOWN GARDEN. My sandbox was literally filled with plants. So there you have it. Our God really is a God of miracles. If you’re ever wondering if He cares about the little things you can remember He even cares about Sister Sharp’s sand tomatoes.


Hahaha! Oh man, here’s a story for you. So Thursday night we were walking home at like 9ish and as we were approaching our house there was someone walking behind us calling out in what sounded like a woman’s voice. Sister De Pina and I were like “Uhhh, is she talking to us?” But I didn’t recognize her so I just walked into the house and Sister De Pina stood at the door staring at her. Then I just heard her slam the door and start booking it towards me screaming “IT’S A MAN AND HE’S COMPLETELY NAKED!!!!” hahahaha! Oh man, we booked it up to our apartment so fast. We think he’s just some crazy guy but poor Sister De Pina is scarred for life.


Right now I’m in Santa Maria, the touristy town. We rented bikes and are just riding around looking at the sites. Those first couple minutes on a bike were glorious. Sister Garcia and I were like “YEAHHHHHH! WOOOOOOOOO!” riding past all the european tourists. Sister Zimbleman, the newbie, wasn’t as thrilled. I don’t think she really understands how it feels to go over a year without doing those trivial things. Then I had this embarrassing moment when my bike broke and I had to do the walk of shame back down the same road as the tourists watched me walk the bike back. No worries though cause I switched the bike out and rode back up the road going “YEAHHHH BACK ON THE ROAD AGAIN!!!” Sister Garcia and I gave each other a triumphant high five as we passed the tourists to show them that missionaries can do hard things.

Lindsay Mission - On a bike - Aug 2014

Lindsay Mission - Aug 2014 -  Companion on a bike


So anyway, have a great week everyone! love you all!

-Sister Sharp

Just Gotta Ask

Hey Gente!

Soooo highlights of this week…


Wednesday we saw How to Train Your Dragon which is still an amazing movie. it lacks some charm in Portuguese cause it doesn’t have the scottish accent but I’ll take what I can get.

I’m proud to announce I finally bought sunscreen after 14 months of saying I would. It finally became necessary. The sun here is cray cray. The other day a sister was like “sister sharp… you’re getting really dark… and kind of orange.” So I guess that was a hint. Here is a chart to map out the progression of my tan on the mission:

Lindsay Mission - Tan Progression - July 2014

So I’m doing personal progress, you know, the Young Women’s program– ’cause I never finished it before. One of the projects I have to do is to start a garden. I’m sure youre all familiar with the whole “faith is like a seed! plant a garden and watch your faith grow!” project so I was like well… ok…I mean I live on the 4th floor with no sun but hey why not. So I bought some tomato seeds and went outside to fill up a shoe box with dirt. Then I realized I live on an island. And islands don’t have dirt. Just sand. So… i filled up my shoe box with sand and planted the tomato seeds in it. So far… I haven’t had success with my garden. Then I realized this project is only good if the garden actually grows. If it doesn’t you find yourself in the mirror saying “I have no faith… WHO AM I!?!?!” Poor Beehives. I’ll keep you all updated on my garden.
Anyway, as for the work. It’s going. We had a cool experience on Thursday while I was on divisions. We taught a woman who has been taught for a long time but never had an answer about anything. We encouraged her to read the Book of Mormon and pray about it. When we came back we asked her how her prayers were going. She told us that she thought she received an answer because when she prayed she felt “something weird inside”. We asked her if it was a good feeling and she said yes. Then we read some scriptures about the spirit and bam. She knew she had received an answer.
Interesting how even if a person doesn’t know anything about the gospel they can receive the same kind of answer as someone who knows everything. Just gotta ask!
Have a great week everyone!
-Sister Sharp

Mission Fasting Miracle

well… where to start…

Ill start with good news!

Elder CottonIf you remember several months back I wrote about an elder (Elder Cotton) that went home because he found out he had cancer. The cancer had already spread to all his organs and his chances of making it through were really slim. So our whole mission did a fast for him and this week we received news that he is now cancer free. SO AMAZING! We are all so happy for him and his family. It was a testimony to us that Heavenly Father listens to our fasts and prayers.


There wasn’t too much that happened this week, really. We don’t have a lot of progressing investigators and the work has been a little slow lately. However on Friday we got a call from a member who was preparing a class for Relief Society on Wednesday. She said she needed our help. So we hopped on over there and asked her how she could help. I could tell something was off and she explained that she was having a hard time preparing the lesson. She told us she was worried that she had done something wrong and that she didn’t have the Spirit with her. She said she had been trying to think of what she had done that week and wanted to repent if she had sinned. I immediately remembered my mission president explaining the gift of the Holy Ghost to us and the promise that we are given. So after listening and thinking I just looked her in the eyes and promised her she had the Spirit with her. And of course she did. Anyone that is continually looking to do good and seeks with spirit will have it. Then she just started crying. I could tell she was really relieved and just needed someone to tell her she had the Spirit. That Sunday she gave a great lesson in Relief Society! Funny how sometimes people just need to be reassured of the promises we were already given.

Yesterday we were going to a lesson and some soldiers stopped us and told us they wanted to hear “the word of God” as everyone says. So we were like, yeah, sure why not. We taught them the restoration and gave them a Book of Mormon which they promised to read. So there ya go. Now were teaching the Cabo Verde troops.
Why does Cabo Verde even have an army? It’s so small. If it wanted to be involved in a war it would probably go something like this:
America: ‘MERICA. WERE IN.
everyone: ………
Cabo Verde: what…
Anyway. Thats all i’ve got for you guys this week.
To close here’s a random part from my journal entry this week:
We watched the Joseph Smith movie and its so good! It always amazes me how optimistic Joseph Smith was. Ill bet Christ is like that too. Ill bet you when life gave him lemons he didnt make lemonade or squeeze them in the eyes of his enemies. Ill bet he made lemons bars and offered them to his enemies. because he’s charitable and no one can deny lemon bars.

-Sister Sharp

European Vacation

Heyyyy everyone! Sooo this week… yeah. It was a normal week. Not too much to report. We had a baptism though! Clebber was baptized and it was probably the least stressful baptism I’ve had. Once he decided he knew it was right he just did it. WHY CANT EVERYONE BE LIKE THAT?

We’ve been finding some cool new investigators and I’m getting used to my area. Our members here are great and have been helping us a lot. We don’t really have anyone that can be baptized this week cause we’re working with a lot of new investigators.

Today we went to Santa Maria, a nearby town that’s super fancy and has lots of European tourists. I felt really under-dressed. We somehow accidentally wandered into a resort. I guess the security just assumed we were tourists and that were staying there. We ended up at their private beach and pool.

Yeah, sure. I’m a rich European on vacation. Why not.

Lindsay Mission - July 2014 - Euro Vacation

Anyway, not too much to report here. We have interviews with our new mission president tomorrow so I’m excited for that. Also Sister Yerman, my trainer is staying at my house tonight! I haven’t seen her in like a year so that should be fun. I think she actually goes home in 2 weeks. On the other side of the spectrum, there’s now a brand new greenie living in our house. Her name is Sister Zimbleman and she’s way cute. it’s weird to see a new missionary. it brings back memories of when I first got here. It also makes me feel really old.
SO! I hope you all have a great week!!!!
-Sister Sharp

Transfer 10…Sort Of…And President Mateus

Well, obviously there weren’t any transfers this transfer cause we had them two weeks ago. but hey! transfer 10! I’m in the double digits.

This week… haha.


So Tuesday was the leadership counsel which was great. Our new president, President Mateus is awesome. It’s interesting to see a new mission president cause you can tell they’re learning with you. I really loved all his trainings though and his wife gave an AWESOME training on how the Lord prepares people.


Once I got back to Sal I got to work in my new area. I’m more used to it now so the adjustment isn’t as bad. My new companion is so funny. Haha–she’s a sassy one. Our conversations are just… haha well for example. At district meeting we had a “understand your companion” time where we all separated and asked each other questions trying to understand our comps better. (Ours consisted of me asking her questions and her shrugging.) When we came back this was the conversation:

District leader :Alright! How was it? (looking at us)

me: It was great!

comp: no it wasn’t

District leader: did it go well?

me:yeah it did!

comp: no it didn’t.

District leader: Do you feel like you understand each other?

me: We’re getting there!

comp: no we’re not.

hahaha oh man she’s a funny one. She’s not super thrilled about the whole transfer thing but I’m determined to be her best friend and I shower her with loves and kindness.

I made her pancakes the other day and presented them to her. She glared at them and grunted “just one.” and gave me the bowl back. So I took the other pancakes out except for one and gave her the bowl so she could eat the pancake. hahahaha.

Lindsay Mission - June 2014 - glasses
I also entertain myself. I found this really ugly pair of glasses in our house and started wearing them as if they’re mine. My comp hasn’t said anything about it even though I never used glasses the first 2 weeks I was with her.

Anyway. Despite all that craziness were seeing tons of miracles. Especially yesterday. We have a boy named Clebber marked to be baptized this week but was saying all week he hadn’t recieved an answer to his prayers. As we were talking about recieving answers I felt I should read the chapter in 3rd Nephi of when Christ came and the people heard God’s voice but didnt understand it. Then he sat and thought for a moment and asked “Can an answer come through my thoughts also?” then we shared D&C 8:2 and he was like, “Yeah, I think I actually did recieve an answer then.” YAY! now he’s going to be baptized Saturday.
We’re also teaching a guy named José who almost died a few weeks ago cause his alcohol count was 86% and now he wants to change his life. We taught him the first lesson and when we came back he said “I recieved an answer and will be baptized.” SO AWESOME!
Can’t wait for this week.

-Sister Sharp